About Our Animals & Feeding FAQs
All of our animals are always treated respectfully, provided clean fresh water and have access to ample grassy pastures 24/7/365.
ALL Animals are handled in a humane fashion all the way through the entire  process, from living on the pastures through harvesting!
That is something that we take great pride in!
Do you sell live animals?   
We do not sell any live animals. We only offer cuts of meat.
You can however order a half cow and you would receive all the cuts you would normally get out of a cow. You can pick up at our Farm Store. 
This is a weekday pick up, no Saturdays
What do you feed your chickens, ducks, hens and pigs?  
Our pastured poultry, hens and pigs are fed Florida sourced white rice and a wild grain Sorghum ( as known as Milo) as well as all the grass, seeds, bugs and worms they find on the pasture.  The consumption is about 50% rice / milo and 50% pasture grass, bugs, grubs.  Each chicken is different and this might vary a bit from bird to bird.  Both rice and milo are non-GMO.
What do you feed your cows and sheep/lambs?  
Our cows and sheep/lambs are 100% Grass Fed and 100% Grass Finished
They get acres and acres of pasture grass and that is it! 
Do you use antibiotics or steroids on any of your animals?   
We do not maintain or sustain our animals with antibiotics or steroids in order to harvest them. All of our animals grow naturally at their own pace and healthy. 
The benefit of Florida is that we are able to enjoy our outside lifestyle 12 months a year, so our animals benefit from living outside and not in hot houses or feedlots. We have great weather, so our animals are healthy naturally and you can taste that in our meats. 

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