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Taste The Goodness, Feel The Difference.
Taste The Goodness, Feel The Difference.
Grass-fed Grass finished fresh Florida beef. Non GMO Farm grain free fresh meat, Fresh From Florida at Circle C Farm

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Ground Beef

Our 100% Florida Grass Fed and Grass Finished Ground Beef comes from our very own Angus cattle that spend their days on our pesticide and chemical free pastures,
just the way they are intended to.
Our grassfed beef has a soft flavor, it is not gamy and plates well in any dish. 
Choose from our 90/10, 80/20 and 70/30 lean to fat blends.
You will love the texture and the flavor is great for sauces, meatballs, tacos or even pan frying. 
Don't forget to pair it with our Pastured Free Range Eggs in a frittata. 
YOU have LOTS of options!!!! 
You will get the most amazing flavor and LOVE every bite you take from our meats! 
Corn Free, No Soy and Gluten Free