Milk / Dairy Products: Raw, Pet Food/ Snack

NOW AVAILABLE AT CIRCLE C FARM … ALDAY FARM’S RAW DAIRY PRODUCTS FROM THEIR 100% GRASS FED COWS AND GOATS… 100% grass fed cows and goats give 100% all natural grass fed "REAL, LIVE" MILK!

  • Orders MUST be placed by 3 PM on Friday of every week! So that they are ready for delivery the following Tuesday. ALL of these are pre-order/per-paid on our website.  Your products will be placed with your name on them at the Farm Store.
  • Delivery from Alday Farm is Tuesday afternoon, time varies.
  • Pick up is later Tuesday afternoon, from 4 PM on or any time or day thereafter.    
  • PLEASE try to pick up your products by Thursday of each week, so that they are as fresh as possible for you!

Alday Farm, located in Ona Florida, guarantees their raw, unpasteurized cow and goat dairy products to be "UDDERLY JERSEYLICIOUS." 

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