PLEASE be patient with our turkeys... we have lots more on the pastures, but they are not yet ready to be harvested, they are still too small, as soon as they are big enough to harvest, we will email everyone letting you know we have turkey again. 


 Thanksgiving Turkey Ordering will begin in July. 

We will send an email out when we have them loaded that to our website so that you can order your AWESOME Pasture Raised Turkey! 


Our All Natural 100% Free Ranging Pasture Raised Grass fed and Grass Finished Turkeys are Non GMO, No Soy, No Corn, Gluten Free sustainably, humanely and responsibly farm raised. 

Our poultry flocks are never given any hormones or antibiotics, and they live on pesticide, insecticide and chemical free grassy pastures where they hunt, peck, scratch and eat grasses, wees, flowers, bugs grubs and anything else out there that peaks their fancy.  They do that freely day and night protected by their very own Maremmas, which are their Livestock Guardian Dogs who protect them from predators.

All of our free range chickens, ducks and turkeys are harvested humanely by hand in our very own On Farm USDA Inspected Abattoir and Butcher Shop.  Our poultry never leave the farm, therefore they do not experience the stress of any transport for processing.

They have the opportunity to live and thrive in one place their whole life, resulting in a greater quality of life, which translates to a healthier bird, resulting in a meat quality that is second to none! 


Our Pasture-Raised meat flavors are naturally enhanced when you cook them LOW and SLOW.


Please keep in mind that because of their diet and exercise, our birds are leaner than commercial birds. When cooking them, keep in mind they have less fat.

When preparing them - Indirect heat is optimal, you can delight in the natural flavor of the meat in many different ways, including:

Braising, grilling, pan searing or baking  - ALL will leave you speechless and licking your fingers every time! 


Our meats ship frozen and vacuum sealed, from our farm in Felda, Florida in shipping coolers with dry ice.

Your orders will be delivered frozen or very cold to the touch, depending on shipping time.


Our poultry is finger licking good…enjoy, we do!
Order on line or just come to our farm store.