WOW, Just WOW!

Circle C Farm meats Ready to Cook, Grill, Bake or Sous Vide' delivered
right to your door.
How much more Pasture to Plate can you get?


Manny and the Butchering Team are constantly taking our meats, eggs and honey and combining those with different spices and seasoning influences from around the world... creating AMAZING ready to cook meals in minutes...

We do that here at the Farm several times a week when we have Family Meals for lunch.  We sit, eat and talk together about whatever comes to mind, usually food related and often about what we want to try next with which cuts of meat or how to enhance the flavor profiles of what they are eating that day. 

No, really, that is what they are typically talking about and to listen to all the guys talk about the different influences they have from growing up on their family farms, eating their grandmother's cooking and the tastes that come from different cities around the world that they have lived in, is truly a lot of fun and usually mouth watering too!

We LOVE what we've come up with.  Now, we want to share these tastes, flavors and just good old fashioned farm goodness with you, so...

You are in for a real treat as we introduce our new product line to you, giving you even more options for enjoying the ultimate in our true "Pasture to Plate" meats.  

* Remember, We work with many Chefs that are truly top of their game.  They include Certified Master Chefs, Michelin Starred Chefs and Local Celebrity Chefs and they too have influenced our seasoning and spice combinations.  Working with them is a pleasure and we are grateful that they like to 'talk' meats too!

Happy eating...