Clubs and Restaurants who serve Circle C Farm Meats, Eggs & Honey

These Chefs, Restaurants & Clubs have ordered from us in the

last 30 days.  

If you see our name on a menu and they are not on this list,

please let us know,

b/c they are NOT or have NOT ordered from us in the last 15 days!


We appreciate the Chefs below and ask that when you see these Chefs,

that you THANK THEM for supporting YOUR local FARMERS!!!

 (I keep this list updated daily)

We have also included a list of what they order from us on a regular basis, so that you know what to look for to order off of their menu when you are there. :)

Enjoy your dining experience with our Chefs, it should truly be a culinary experience you won't forget!!!

* IF YOU WANT us on a menu in your Club or favorite Restaurant,

then TELL that Chef you want us! 

Please ask them to call the Farm and ask for Nicole


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Wynn's Market, Naples Fl - Chicken Eggs - Seasonal

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