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Shipping costs include the FedEx costs, the high quality perishable meat cooler bag (reusable for both cold and hot), box and the dry ice used to get your meats to you, shipping is not a profit bearing item for us, nor will it ever be!

Please know that we do everything we can to keep those costs down. 

We are not E Bay, Amazon or Walmart, nor are we a hedge fund of investors backing commodity meats shipped to you from a warehouse somewhere in the middle of the country.

We are not able to offer "FREE" shipping and we will NOT artificially inflate the cost of our meats, eggs, honeys or anything we offer to you in order to offer you  what is perceived to be "free."


We are truly your “Pasture to Plate” Farm,

from our pastures to your plate.


Harvesting & Butchering Process:

The demand for our meats is high and we are genuinely grateful to all of you for finding us, sharing about us with your friends and family and for supporting our farm and our commitment to You and our Community!

We need you to know that we harvest and or butcher in our own on farm USDA Inspected Abattoir and USDA Inspected Butcher Shop 5 days a week.  Your meats are usually readily available to fill your order immediately once received, but on occasion, we may be harvesting to order.


What the means for you and your order:  

The meats that you order from us have likely been harvest and butchered the week prior to your order.

If we are in the process of harvesting and butchering, then your order may take a few days to be completed and then shipped out to your door step.

Our meats are typically not more than 2 weeks from the pasture when you receive them.


There are very few places these days in which you will be able to find that short of a time frame, knowing that your proteins are the freshest they can possibly be directly from the farmers and farm that have raised them.

Shipping Process:

Typically orders ship in 24-48 hours once your order is received, depending on where it is going to. Please see below for time frame explanation.

Orders received over the weekend are printed and prepared on Mondays. 


FEDEX Delivery Days:

Home Delivery – Tuesday to Friday ONLY

Commercial / Business addresses -  Monday - Friday ONLY

  • We are now set up so that you can choose the shipping options that work best for you.

FedEx Overnight, 2 Day and 3 Day Express - Will ship out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays of each week and arrive to you based on the number of days you have chosen for delivery.

West Coast Orders and Mid-West / Central:  We only ship 3 Day Express, 2 Day and Standard Overnight, this way we can ensure that your meats will get to you cold and food safe.  They will ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays.

East Coast Orders:  We ship out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays of each week, depending on total number of shipping days needed to get to your door.  You all are 1,2, or 3 days ground from us.  You also have the option to choose Overnight, 2 Day and 3 Day Express if you would like that instead of ground/home delivery.

We count the number of days it will take to get to you and we work backwards, we don’t want your cooler sitting in a Hub and or in a hot trailer over a weekend, so we adjust accordingly. We plan for your cooler to get to you by no later than Friday. 

Florida Orders:  We ship out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays of each week, it is usually 1 day in Florida, unless you are in the Pan Handle and then it might be 2 shipping days to get to your door.


Saturday Deliveries - WE AVOID coolers being delivered on Saturdays, because frankly we have not had great luck with them getting to you and we don't want there to be any issues, especially if it is a Home Delivery option chosen.