Beef Ribeye, Bone OUT (Avg. Wt 1 lb)

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John Lyle

I love this beef!!!!

YUliya TSymbalava

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef Ribeye, Bone OUT

shelby webb
So Good!

We love Circle C steaks so much that I will never buy any supermarket meat again! I always bought grass fed in the supermarket but there is No comparision to Circle C!!

Amelia Bennett
Cannot Emphasize Low & Slow Enough

I screwed up the 1st one I ordered by cooking it much the same as I would a grain fed steak - big mistake - even 'medium' on the frying pan is too much, go for half that.

The second one was curiously delicious. Normally, when you get a ribeye, you're used to gobs of juicy fatty goodness filling your mouth. This one was like a grain fed NY strip, but juicier and cleaner tasting, not bad at all, just very different.

Annette Hillary
Better than our any of our local restaraunts

The trick to these incredible grass fed ribeyes - time and low to low medium flame. They are nothing like store bought meats. I had to RE-LEARN how to cook all my grass fed meats from Circle C Farms. I swear one ribeye can feed two. Except my husband eats a whole one. Will not buy store meats as long as I can afford Circle C Farm meats. We are disgestively healthier!

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