Chicken Cuts Box 13-14 Lbs: Circle C Farm Food Club Delivery Service

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All of our boxes consist of freshly butchered meats / proteins that are grown on our farm and are 100% Pasture Grass Fed and Grass Finished with No Antibiotics, Hormones, Pesticides or Herbicides.  Our Bees pollinate the flowers, trees and orange groves around us throughout the year and our Moringa grows voraciously fertilized with "chicken love."  You cannot get meats and eggs that are any "cleaner" than our!  The flavor profile is amazing!!!!

This box contains:

Breast: Boneless / Skinless 4 x 1 lb
Thighs: Boneless / Skinless 4 x 1 lb
Chicken Burgers 4 x 8 Oz
Ground Chicken 2 x 1 lb
Sausage: Griller Size: Mild 1 x 1 lb
Eggs 1 x 1 Dz

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