Thanksgiving Turkey 10-11 LB with Giblets - Circle C Farm
Christmas 1/2 Turkey 7-8 LB Avg. Skin ON, Bone IN, Half Turkey, NO Giblets, Pasture Raised Free Range Turkey - Circle C Farm Thanksgiving Turkey 10-11 LB with Giblets - Circle C Farm Thanksgiving Turkey 10-11 LB with Giblets - Circle C Farm Thanksgiving Turkey 10-11 LB with Giblets - Circle C Farm
$ 58.99
Please place & complete your turkey order as a separate order/purchase from any other product orders.
This way we can print it and hold your order until it is time to ship your amazing bird to you.

The other items that you would like for now need to be a separate order/purchase and will be printed and filled and shipped
as normal and come to you now and not later.

Our Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free Pasture Raised, very happily truly Free Ranging, Grass Fed, Grass Finished, Sustainably Farm Raised Turkeys are NOW available for Pre-Order and Pre-Pay for Christmas 2018.

Your magnificent Circle C Farm Turkey will have a soft pink meat color and soft yellow fat color from the bounty of the grasses, bugs, grubs, flowers and all the goodness from grazing on our pastures. You will also get the neck and giblets with your bird. They will come in a separate bag.

Please keep in mind that because of their diet and exercise, our birds are leaner than commercial turkeys. Our livestock actually live outside on pasture and enjoy the sunshine and afternoon breezes of South Florida. No hot houses or feedlots on our farm, nothing but warm air, guardian dogs for protection and lots of hanging out in the sun!
When cooking them, keep in mind they have a little less fat. We have found cooking with a wet, slow heat yields a more tender bird. You also don’t need lots of seasoning; our birds are pretty amazing both in meat flavor and texture.
· We have some “Pasture to Plate” cooking tips for you, they will come with your bird.
· We DO NOT recommend that you stuff your bird, best to prepare your stuffing separately, so that the turkey cooks properly inside and out.
If you ‘stuff’ you will need to adjust your cooking time and do a temp check for food safety.

Our whole birds are great for grilling, roasting, frying and or smoking!

TURKEYS BEING SHIPPED TO YOU: (Local Farm Store Pick Ups - read down further)


You will have the ability to choose your preferred shipping method at Check Out.
Your choices are: FedEx Standard Overnight, 3 Day Express, Ground Home Delivery
(Please DO NOT Choose the “Local Bonita Farm Store Pick Up” Option or your bird will be here in and you will not.

ALL Turkeys will be shipped FROZEN with DRY ICE and will ship SEPARATE from any other items ordered / purchased for the holiday.

Confirmation Emails from FedEx will be sent to you when your turkey cooler leaves our farm and is Tendered to FedEx.

Do to our harvesting schedule and to ensure food safety, we will ONLY offer our turkeys FROZEN for both local pick up and for those being shipped to you.


STORE PICK UP: Starts Monday, Dec. 17th, 2018
thru Saturday, Dec. 22nd, 2018 -

Please put in the NOTES/Special Instructions at CHECK OUT
what day you want to pick it up,
so that we can have it at the Farm Store for you on that date/day.

Monday, December 17 - 9 AM - 6 PM

Tuesday, December 18 - 9 AM - 6 PM

Wednesday, December 19 - 9 AM - 6 PM

Thursday, December 20 - 9 AM - 6 PM

Friday, December 21 - 9 AM - 6 PM
Saturday, December 18 - 9 AM - 3 PM

Remember it will be a FROZEN Turkey,
so plan backward for prep time.

When you choose “LOCAL” at check out, make sure to choose the Bonita Farm Store Pick Up Option. There is no charge to pick up your turkey at the store, but in order to keep everything organized we have this option set up, please choose this option at check out.

REMEMBER to TELL us what DAY you are PICKING up your Awesome Turkey,
so we can have it there for you.