Circle C Farm Poultry, Chicken, Turkey, Duck Abattoir (Slaughter Slaughterhouse) & Butcher Services on Farm

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Circle C Farm Abattoir and Butcher Shop, LLC will provide the highest quality ethical and humane harvesting and butchering services available.  


Circle C Farm is the ONLY farm in the State of Florida to have its own on farm Abattoir (Slaughterhouse) and Butcher Shop.

We are the ONLY FARM in the State of Florida to have both Red (Beef, Pork, Goat, Sheep/Lamb) and White (Chicken, Turkey, Duck) Meat Abattoir / Slaughterhouse on our farm. 

CUSTOM Harvesting Abattoir (Slaughter Slaughterhouse / Services) and Butcher Services will be available.

April 2017 USDA Inspected Harvesting Abattoir (Slaughter Services) and Butcher Services will be available.  Animals harvested under Federal Inspection / with a USDA Inspector on our farm.  

COST: Basic breakdown:

Harvest (Kill) Fee:

POULTRY: CUSTOM PROCESSING CUTS - ALL Chicken meat is vacuum /cryovaced, it has up to 2 year freezer shelf life if maintained frozen. 
Whole WOG (Without organs)
1-25 Total Birds = $5/bird
26-50 Total Birds = $4/bird
51+ Total Birds = $3.75/bird

 Further Processing

Standard Cut-Up, 1 bird per bag - Includes - Boneless/Skinless Breasts, Tenders, Wings, Leg Quarters & Backs $2.00/bird
Chicken Halves = $1.00/bird – packaged  separately, Vacuum sealed bagged
Bones for soup stock from cuts will be placed in vacuum bags.

 Organs / Offal – Cleaned & Vacuum Packaged  - 1 pound packages average

Heads= $1.00/lb
Hearts = $1.00/lb
Liver = $1.00/lb
Feet = $1.00/lb
Gizzards = $2.00/lb
Ground / Burgers $1.63 / lb - MIN 15 lb.s for each:
Plain / Medium Grind- Loose- 1 lb. pkgs How many packages:
Ground Burgers - Plain .1/4 LB (4 oz.)

  1/2 LB (8 oz.)

Meat Delivery Service Available: Collier, Lee, Hendry & Glades Counties via Circle C Farm Refrigerated Van at Temp. for $50


Harvesting Services are by APPOINTMENT ONLY, please call the farm at

239-776-9054 to schedule your appointment.  Cut Sheets available via email:

Halal Harvesting available upon request. 

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