Turkeys for Christmas: Pasture Grass Fed Organic 12-16# avg. weight range RESERVE NOW, LIMITED AVAILABILITY Paleo AIP

Regular price $ 5.87

Our free range grass fed organically pasture raised TURKEYS are going to be available for the 2016 Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday.  We will offer these turkeys both fresh and frozen

We will have a limited supply, so reserve yours today! Place your order NOW!!!!

In the comments section at check out, let us know if you would like it fresh (not frozen) or frozen at the time of pick up.

$5.78 / lb: Our TURKEYS are sold as whole turkeys, without organs.  Organs can be purchased separately for $2.50/pound.

The prices you will see in your cart at checkout are only estimates.  Because we charge by the pound, the actual price will be calculated after we have weighed your products and may be slightly different than what you see here.  Please wait to pay for your order until you receive your final total at pick up.  Cash, debit and credit cards accepted at the farm.

Please keep in mind that because of their diet and exercise, our birds are leaner than commercial turkeys. When cooking them, keep in mind they have less fat. We have found cooking with a wet, slow heat yields a more tender bird. Our whole birds are great for grilling, roasting and smoking!

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