COW WHEY 1 QT, Raw Dairy, Pet Food / Snack

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COW WHEY 1 QT, Raw Dairy, Pet Food / Snack

NOW AVAILABLE AT CIRCLE C FARM … ALDAY FARM’S RAW DAIRY PRODUCTS FROM THEIR 100% GRASS FED COWS AND GOATS… 100% grass fed cows and goats give 100% all natural grass fed "REAL, LIVE" MILK!

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Alday Farm, located in Ona Florida, guarantees their raw, unpasteurized cow and goat dairy products to be "UDDERLY JERSEYLICIOUS." 


All of their milk is milked by them and comes from their cows and goats. They do not buy milk from other dairies so they can ensure that their cows are being fed grass 24/7 and how and under what conditions milk is collected and stored.


Their farm promotes non-certified organic farming practices and methods of raising their small herd of Jersey cows and milk breed goats.  Their pastures are organically fertilized, often with the skim milk and whey from excess butter and cheese production.


No Grain, Hormones, Antibiotics, Steroids or GMO's are used. The cows are pastured 24 hours a day on a grass selected for improved nutritive value. When it is milking time their animals receive non-GMO Alfalfa hay/pellets and then return to their pastures where they graze and rest in the shade under the live oaks.


They have chosen a 100% grass fed program for many reasons; but primarily because it is natural for these animals to graze and eat grass. Fortunately, here in Florida, with our mild winters, it is possible for them to do this year round.


In accordance with Florida Statue all raw dairy products are labeled and sold as PET FOOD / SNACKS, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

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