June 28, 2017: Circle C Farm Hands On Harvesting & Butchering Classes: Poultry 8:30 AM -12:30 PM

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Circle C Farm is the 1st and ONLY Farm in the State of Florida to have its own On Farm USDA Abattoir (Slaughterhouse) for both red and white meats.  There are only 2 other on farm USDA Abattoirs in the US.

This is a very rare HANDS ON opportunity to be actively engaged learning how to, not just watching, but actually be arm's length deep in this unique experience first hand.  

YOU will leave this class with a true understanding of how we humanely harvest our poultry with the utmost respect for what these

animals give to us daily.  

Each participant will experience the entire harvesting process from beginning to end.

From gathering the poultry in the field.

All the steps from the harvest cones, scalder to the plucker.

You will learn how to properly eviscerate (open and remove organs and internal parts) 

You will be taught to butcher your very own bird.  You will go through the entire process of butchering your bird into cuts, learning how to optimize the meat yield and be able to gracefully have all cuts looking cooking pan, baking pan or grill ready.

You will then package your bird and will take it home with you for eating. 


Class sizes are limited so personal attention can be given to each participant.

This is an incredible opportunity for an individual and or small or medium / large group. 

An experience like no other!

Join us - gather a small group of friends and come to the farm for this unique and rare opportunity!

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