Lamb: Whole Lamb DEPOSIT, Non-refundable - Circle C Farm
Lamb: Whole Lamb DEPOSIT, Non-refundable - Circle C Farm Lamb: Whole Lamb DEPOSIT, Non-refundable - Circle C Farm
$ 12.50
THIS IS A Non-refundable DEPOSIT in the amount of $360

for one of our WHOLE Lambs, they are offered at

$12.50 / lb hanging weight. Final amount invoiced once animal is

harvested and weighed.

What that means is, that if the lamb total weight once harvested, including organs, weighs 35# or 50# for example below, then the total amount for that whole lamb would be figured out by:

50 pounds x $12.50 / pound = $525.00 for the whole lamb.

Our whole lambs average between 35-50 pounds once harvested, that weight is meat and bone together.

You can have your whole lamb with or without organs.

WE offer it butchered per our Lamb/Goat butchering cut sheet into cuts at this price per pound OR you can have the lamb truly whole OR cut into half or quartered for the same $12.50/ pound.

We Harvest each lamb to order that is the reason for a non-refundable deposit.


Our All Natural 100% Grassfed Grass Finished Lamb graze about the pastures daily soaking up our southern sun.

Our Pasture-Raised meat flavors are naturally enhanced when you cook them LOW and SLOW.

Our flock is specifically bred for tender meat and flavor quality, resulting in a soft and rich deep redish - pink meat that has a wonderful gentle lamb flavor and cuts with a butter knife. IT is a leaner meat, so don’t over cook it!

Indirect heat is optimal, but braising, grilling, pan searing or baking will leave you speechless and licking your fingers every time!

Our meats ship frozen, vacuum sealed, in approximately 1 lb portions, unless specified otherwise; from our farm in Felda, Florida in shipping coolers with dry ice.

Your orders will be delivered frozen or very cold to the touch, depending on shipping time.

Our lamb is finger licking good…enjoy, we do!

Order on line or just come to our farm store.

Our lambs typically have a yield of 65-75% meat once processed. Resulting in between 30-40 lbs of meat for you.

You can have your lamb whole, quartered, halves / butterfly, or in cuts (custom cut sheet provided for you to decide on).

Please call for availability due to the fact that we process whole animals solely based upon orders to ensure the freshest meat possible.