Pasture Raised Chicken Whole Broilers, 1.5 - 2 lbs Ea., 2 Count

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Adam Bensouda
Amazing. Delicious and Fresh.

I just wish they came in separate packaging. But the taste is the best.

Iysha Phillips
Absolutely wonderful

The absolutely best!!!!

Glenda Galvez

Great Chicken and service.

deborah oliver

You want a review?!?!
I had emailed you on October 8 about an issue with my order and no one responded to it. Here's my review: you need to improve upon your customer communications and satisfaction.

Hi Deborah,

I emailed you 12 minutes after you emailed me. Just so you know, I emailed you back, while I was eating dinner. You emailed at 10/8 630 PM. I emailed, because I care. Most 'customer service' would reply the next morning, however, we are a family farm and we pride ourselves on being response and explaining why something happens. I have replied to people at 10 PM at night....because I care. Maybe, you didn't realize I emailed back so fast. Below is a response regarding your email. I am happy to speak on the phone 2397769054.

You emailed me 10/8/2020 at 6:30 PM

I responded with this email below. maybe you can go back to your email and check.

Circle C Farm
Thu 10/8/2020 6:42 PM
Hi Deborah,

There are times bones or dry ice nick the bags causing a pinhole and air to get in. Meat color varies from animal to animal they are pasture raised. We have a notes comment, but we do not personally butcher. We are a small but mighty team, so we have to keep a uniform cutting. Hope that helps. The quality of the ribs is still what you would expect when eating them:)

Thank you.

Lindsay Reece
Love these little chickens!

Former vegetarian here - when I came around to eating chicken again after 15 years, I swore I would only buy chicken that was humanely raised on a REAL farm by real people that care. So happy to have found Circle C Farm that gives their animals a normal life in the grass and sun. I'm even happier knowing that they never leave the farm for processing.

I love these 2 packs of small chicken; they fit perfectly in our air fryer and it's the perfect size to split and share with the husband. So delicious! I thought I would have a hard time eating chicken after so long, but not the case at all :-)

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