Pastured Pork Stew Meat

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Pastured Pork Stew Meat

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Product description

🐖🍲 Looking for a hearty and flavorful stew meat?

Try Circle C Farm's Pastured Pork Stew Meat! Raised on our regenerative pasture-raised organic farm, our pigs are free from hormones and antibiotics, ensuring a high-quality and healthy meat.

🍴💥 Versatile and flavorful, our Pastured Pork Stew Meat is a combination of different cuts such as shoulder, belly, and leg, making it perfect for slow-cooking methods like braising, roasting, and stewing. It's also a great addition to dishes like chili, ragu, and curry.

🌱🍴 With its tender texture and rich flavor, our Pastured Pork Stew Meat is a healthy and delicious choice for any meal. Try it in your favorite recipe and taste the difference of pasture-raised and organic farming.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cristy Morawski
Tender and juicy

Made pork stew in the slow cooker. A bsolutely delicious!

Danny Ho
Pastured Pork Stew Meat

To me personally, those pork stew meat come with too much fat, probably around 20% fat. Without fat, they tasted very good.

Michael Cislo
Perfect for Crock Pot

Loved the Pork Stew Meat - the pork chunks were evenly cut and were perfect size to slow cook in my crock pot. Added some vegetables and a touch of sweet and sour sauce for a great dinner.

Sheila G

Tender and fresh. Good quality.

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