Circle C Farm Customer Reviews. Shipping Families ALL OVER THE USA Straight to your door!

Circle C Farm keeping Americans fed during the Corona Virus Pandemic, with healthy grass fed grass finished meats and pasture raised meats with no corn and no soy. Our meats do change lives! A thank you to all who have taken the time to share your story. @circlecfarmfl on Instagram
Circle C Farm feeding families healthy meats that are corn free and soy free during the Covid 19 Pandemic straight to your front door

You’re welcome!
Love your products, will definitely make the drive to the farm when things calm down...

Lynn Scully



Nicole, Manny and Korby,


I wanted to thank you all for an amazing product. I ate my first sirloin yesterday and it was DELICIOUS!!!.

So good that I didn't want to give my German Shepherd a bite!


You have blown all other steaks out of the water!!! I have gone to Whole Foods and gotten the grass-fed beef in a pinch and I have a monthly subscription to Butcher Box and while their meats are good they can't even come close to yours.


Flavorful, fresh and fantastic!


I have passed your information on to my friends-I hope they will take my advice and order from you.


Additionally Korby, thanks for making this process super easy.


When this 1/2 cow runs low I will be ordering another and another and another!


Much thanks.


Alexandra (Tampa)


 My order just arrived and it was packed PERFECTLY!  Everything was nice and frozen.  Thank you so much!





Thank you.  I was so impressed with your packaging.


Can’t wait to try the meat.




Hello Nicole and Manny,

I am happy to say that I have enjoyed your products without any GI issues. Thanks for all the hard work that you do and I will continue to support your business.





Thank you so very much! For how wonderfully packaged everything was. This is our first but not our last order from your farm! I also appreciate the information that you send the recipes and on how to cook.


 It's a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to do business on a monthly or bi-weekly basis thank you so much!!



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