Chicken Drumsticks & Sage Breakfast Sausage Sale

Chicken Drumsticks & Sage Breakfast Style Griller Sausages

Holiday Turkeys Pre-Order NOW

Holiday Turkeys Pre-Order NOW


Ready to Cook, Grill, Bake & Sous Vide

Fresh Shrimp & Fish From Florida

Fresh Shrimp & Fish from the Gulf

From the Butcher Shop

Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef Burgers

Pork, Duck, Turkey & Chicken Sausages, Pasture Raised Grassfed Sausages

Pasture Raised Free Range Chicken & Turkey Burgers

Pastured Raised Grass Fed Chicken

Pasture Raised Duck

Grass Fed Grass Finished Ground Beef

Grassfed and Grass Finshed Steaks

Dry Aged Steaks, Grass Fed Grass Finished


Pasture Raised Free Range Turkey

Grassfed Grass Finished Lamb

Pastured Pork

Grassfed Grass Finished Bones, Broth and Fixins for Broth

Pasture Raised and Grass Fed Grass Finished Organs

Pasture Raised, Truly Free Range Eggs

Raw Pet Food Grind Mix, 100% Grassfed Grass Finished Pasture Raised Pet Food

Kombucha & Starter SCOBY now available at Circle C Farm

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Circle C Farm Gift Certificates

Life On The Farm

Circle C Farm Pasture Tour Dates 2018 - 2019

BACON, Need I Say More?

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Watch the video