About our Farm FAQs
 We control, own and operate our farms, what happens on them and we value that greatly! 
Our Team follows and engages with the animals on our farm in the same manner! 
That is what makes us different from other farms and or facilities.
We are about quality of life, respect and appreciation of the livestock and what they will provide to us and we would not have it any other way!  EVER!


 Do you offer farm pickup?  

We do not offer farm pickup or sell cuts of meat at the farm. We are a federally inspected USDA facility and closed to the public. 


Do you offer tours?  

We do offer tours of our farm in the months of December, January, February and MarchWith Covid-19 we currently do not have the tours available for 2021 


Do you sell Dairy?    

We do not sell dairy products since we are only a small family business and have high demands for our cuts of meat we just aren’t big enough to offer both. 


Is your farm organic?  

We “exceed" organic standards. The name Organic is a business to make money off farms who have to pay thousands of dollars a year to have that name stamped on packages. To be certified “organic”, farms only has to be 95% compliant to be organic and label as such. Circle C Farm is 100% pesticide and fertilizer free. Our animals provide everything for regeneration of the land.  



Is your farm latex, vinyl and PBA free?  

Yes.  Our gloves are powder free nitrile gloves. 



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