Animals, Feeding, Vaccines, Steroids, Antibiotics FAQs

Circle C Farm is a mRNA and Vaccine Free Farm

🐓🦆🐖🐄 We pride ourselves on our humane treatment of all our animals. Providing clean water and access to lush pastures 24/7/365 is just the start. From living on the pastures to harvesting, we ensure our animals are treated with respect every step of the way.

Do you Vaccinate Your Livestock?

NO, Circle C Farm is NO VACCINE FARM!


💉 At Circle C Farm, we never vaccinate any of our livestock. We don't participate in any messed up mentality that might be out there with some farms / groups / political movements. 

There is NO need to vaccinate our livestock.  We run closed herds / flocks and they are healthy. 

We don't find that there has been any added benefit in administering vaccines to our livestock, we have not administered vaccines since 2017 and we have not seen anything negative as a result. 

Our livestock are happy, healthy and are rotated throughout grassy pastures on regular rotations and that along with a stress free environment lends itself to their general well being of great health without issues.  We will continue to engage in these same practices, as we don't see a need to vaccinate any of our animals.

We don't administer any mRNA or other vaccines on our private farm.

Living in Florida, our animals benefit from the outdoors lifestyle 12 months a year. They live outside and not in hot houses or feedlots. Our animals grow naturally and healthily, and that is something you can taste in our meats. We will not be administering any mRNA or Gene Therapy vaccines / drugs to our livestock, there is NO reason to do so!  We believe in great animal health the 'ole fashioned' way, just like nature intended!

Do you sell live animals?

At Circle C Farm, we don't sell live animals. Instead, we offer a wide range of cuts of meat to choose from. If you're interested in buying a half cow, we've got you covered! You'll receive all the cuts you'd expect from a cow, available for pick-up at our Farm Store on weekdays.

What do you feed your chickens, ducks, hens and pigs?

🌾 Our chickens, ducks, hens, and pigs are fed a diet of local Florida whole rice and wild grain Sorghum, which are both non-GMO. They also consume plenty of grass, seeds, bugs, and worms that they find on the pasture. Each bird is unique, so the ratio of rice/milo to pasture grass may vary slightly.

What do you feed your cows and sheep?

🐄🐑 Our cows and sheep/lambs are 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished, meaning they enjoy acres upon acres of pasture grass and nothing else. We don't believe in using antibiotics or steroids to sustain our animals. Instead, we let them grow at their own pace, healthy and naturally.

Broiler Chickens = Cornish Cross

Ducks = Peking & heritage breeds

Quail = Coturnix

Laying Hens = Road Island Reds & heritage breed chickens

Pigs = Duroc, Berkshires, Hampshire, Yorkshire crosses, Old Spots

Cattle = Beefmaster, Angus, Brangus and Japanese Wagyu

Sheep = Our own breed cross - Florida Cracker, White head Dorper & Katahdin 

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