* Please Note - USDA rolled out a pilot program... it ONLY included the BIG BOX store and warehouse stores, like Walmart, Amazon, BJ's etc for the online usage with the EBT/SNAP/WIC cards.

We are in touch with USDA Food Stamp office in DC, BUT as of March 2021, they have not allowed or rolled out the ability to order online for us 'smaller' folks, businesses, farms. :(

We have a way to do it, we have done this very successfully and have and do make a point to get you everything back ASAP and it is tracked b/c your card travels with the UPS tracking number with you meats.  We understand that tis might not feel comfortable for you, we respect that, it was / is the only way at this point that we can help you meet your needs in getting our meats and be in compliance with our manual input system that requires the card to be physically swiped.

As soon as USDA allows us the opportunity to set it up for online, please know that we will do whatever it takes to 'make it happen' for you! :)


Do you accept EBT/ SNAPS? 

YES, we gladly accept EBT / SNAP / WIC in our Farm Store. 


Do you accept EBT/ SNAPS for online orders? 

Yes, we can.  There is a process... at this point, to protect you and the way the system is set up, the card must be swiped, and the pin entered in order to pay by EBT / SNAP.  Therefore, if you are an online customer, give us a call at the Farm and we will walk you through the process.  The Farm cell is 239-776-9054 


Here it is in a ‘nutshell’... 


The system is set up so that the card must be swiped, so what we have been doing is that you call us, let us know that you want to use your ebt card, you can put the order together in your account, but not check out via the online site, you’d need to send us your card, as soon as we receive it, we’ll call you, get the pin, physically run the card on our system, then we ship you your meat and your card back.   

We process that order ASAP, so that this is minimal delay in getting your card back to you and since it comes with your UPS cooler box, it is all tracked. 😊 


We are not aware of EBT allowing a full transaction via online as of yet. 


We’ve done that for several individuals, and it has worked well, this way you get what you need and are able to use your card 😊 


The only thing you’d need to pay for separately is the shipping, b/c to date we are not aware that we are able to use those funds for shipping. 


If you’ve been able to use it successfully on line for a purchase from your end, PLEASE share that site and we’ll find out / figure it out as to how to make that happen, but to date, this is how we’ve been doing it. 😊 

Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions at all! 


How do I place an order to pay with EBT/ SNAP? 

For local or at our Farm Store, just come on in, gather all the meats, eggs and honeys you would like, check out just like you would, and we click a button on the register, and you are good to go!  

For online orders, call us at the Farm 239-776-9054 


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