Butchering, Cuts of Meat, Spices & Casings FAQs

Butchering, Cuts of Meat, Spices & Casings FAQs

🌱 Circle C Farm is a family-owned farm located in Southwest Florida, offering 100% sustainably pasture-raised and grass-finished meats, free of GMOs, soy, corn, and gluten. Our beef, lamb, broiler chickens, turkey, pork, duck, eggs and honey are all natural, healthy and nutritious, and raised with the utmost care.

🥩 Our meats are best consumed within 6-8 months of the packaged date, although cryovac packaging can store meats for up to a year if stored properly. If you find a package that's been hiding in your freezer, just thaw it out, smell it, and enjoy if it's still good.

🌈 Our meat colors vary naturally from animal to animal, without the use of any artificial dyes or enhancers. At Circle C Farm, all of our animals are raised naturally on pasture, with access to grassy pastures 24/7/365.

❄️ Our meats are flash-frozen and packaged, we ship in recyclable foam coolers with dry ice. Unfortunately, we cannot accept the foam cooler back due to food safety regulations, but they are 100% curbside recyclable.

🍔 While we can't fulfill specific requests for meat packaging or thickness, we pride ourselves on our natural and fresh ingredients, free from injections, fillers, preservatives, wood pulp, or chlorine/bleach.

Our sausage, burger patties, ground meats, and bone broths are all sugar-free and made with the highest quality imported spices we can find.

🌭 Our sausages are wrapped in natural hog casing, which is safe for human consumption and doesn't need to be removed.  We use only freshly hand mixed spices in our blends, which we blend on the farm ourselves for the best flavor profile.

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