Butchering, Cuts of Meat, Spices & Casings FAQs

Circle C Farm is a first generation family owned and operated farm with farms in both Lee and Hendry Counties, located right here in Southwest Florida.

We are your source for 100% sustainably pasture grass fed, grass finished free range, Non-GMO, Soy free, Corn free, Gluten free healthy, natural and nutritious… beef, lamb, broiler chickens, turkey, pork, duck, eggs and honey close to home. 

When does the meat expire? 
We encourage you to eat the meats within 6-8 months of the packaged date, Cryovac is said to be able to store meats up to one year from the packaged date.  Best and highest quality is to consume it within the year.  If you found that random package that's been hiding in the bottom of the freezer, thaw it out, smell it, if all good, then enjoy.  If not or you're not sure then, best to be careful and throw it away.   
 I ordered the same meat and they are different colors. What happened?  
We don’t color, dye or artificially enhance the color of our meat. The meat color will vary naturally from animal to animalAt Circle C Farm, all of our animals grow naturally on pasture 24/7/365. 
How do you butcher, package and send the meat?  
Our meats are harvested, butchered and cryovaced in approximately 1 lb. packages and flash frozen. Our coolers are our own design that’s patent pending. Your meats will arrive frozen to refrigerator cold, in a 100% recyclable foam cooler with dry ice. Due to food safety reasons, we cannot accept the foam cooler to be returned back to us. However, they are 100% curbside recyclable, so you can recycle them in your very own community! 
Can I be specific on how I want my meat packaged or thickness?  
We are a small and mighty team however we are not a specialty butcher shop. We have made adjustments over the years that betters our small Farm.  
Are your meats corn, soy and gluten free?  
Yes, all of our meats and eggs are corn, soy and gluten free! We do offer prepackaged gluten free pasta from Dakota Growers that contains corn. Also, we offer prepackaged pasta from De Cecco that contains wheat. We do not make these pastas therefore NONE of the pastas come in contact with our meats and or eggs. 
Do you use injections, fillers, preservatives, wood pulp or bleach in or on your meat(s)?  
We do not inject our meats with a salt water solution to pump up their weight. Bleaching meat is often done to take away the natural smell of the meat and to reduce spoilage over time. Preservatives are not needed in or on our meats.  We harvest and butcher/package our meats in small harvest quantities and ship out quickly. We don't put fillers in our sausages or burger patties.    
Meat should smell like meat. With our meats, you will actually smell the flesh (sounds weird, but it is in its natural state). With our beef and lamb meat, it has an earthy meat. This is the way it should be. There is nothing wrong with the meat at all. 
Why is there variation with the color of the meat or fat from one package to the next?  
We don't color or gas our meats so that they have a uniform color.  
We are truly pasture raised. Truly natural. Each animal is different. Each animal eats differently, converts their food to lean muscle differently and grows in their own way, think of it like humans.  
The packages you get are likely from a few different animals at harvest time. It is normal to see color variations from animal to animal. Fat color will also vary depending on how the individual animal converted their grazing from the pasture grasses to fat and muscle, so you will see slight color differences from animal to animal, from package to package. 
Do you put sugar in your sausages, burgers, ground meats or in your bone broths?  
Nope, don't need to!  
Our sugar free sausage recipes, burger patties, ground meats and bone broths are FABULOUS just the way they are naturally.  
If there are spices, seasonings or any other ingredients included in any of our products, then they are listed on our website.  What you see is what you get, if it is not there, it is not included in our recipe. :)  
... even the 'sweet' Italian sausage 
What is the casing on your sausages and is it edible?  
All of our sausages are wrapped in natural hog casing. Hog casing is part of the pig intestine. It is safe for human consumption and does not need to be removed unless you want to remove it. 
Do you use NON organic spices in the sausage and marinades?

They are not organic, we just cannot find all that we need in the quantities needed in 'organic', but the sourcing is true and reputable and highest quality imported spices we can find.

We actually work with an importer for the freshest spices possible. :)


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