Crock Pot
Our meats do not need long to cook!!!
Remember, LOW and SLOW, doesn't mean longer.

Crock pot style cooker - OK, but only it making bone broth on low for 24-48 hours or if stewing the meats.  The crock pot actually fluctuates in temps and short or shorter cooking times will yield a tougher chewy meat because of the heat fluctuations. 

Short ribs - Roast or sear the short ribs and then put in crock pot for 12-18 hours on low.  Watch your water level.  If too high, you will end up with more of a stew.

Stew Meat - Sear on cook top, then put in crock pot like short ribs, add in the amount of water or liquids you want and put on low for 12-18 hours.   


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