Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

When time is short, easy desserts are the way to go. Here’s how to make easy & frugal frozen chocolate bananas, with chopped nuts and candy sprinkles.



  • Bananas (approx 3-4 medium — ripe, but firm)
  • Wooden popsicle sticks (approx. 2 per banana)
  • Wax paper
  • 1 ounces bag semi-sweet chocolate chips (12)
  • 2 tablespoons canola or light olive oil
  • Optional decorations: chopped nuts (sprinkles, nonpareils, etc)


    1. Line a baking sheet or large freezer-safe plate with waxed paper. Peel each banana and cut each one in half. Insert a stick into the cut end of each banana. Place bananas on wax paper and freeze until frozen.
    2. In a glass, microwave-safe bowl, add chocolate chips and oil. Place in microwave and microwave for 10-15 seconds on high power. Remove bowl from microwave, stir completely. Return to microwave to repeat steps until chocolate is almost completely melted, but a few chips remain. Stir until those chips are completely melted.
    3. Place decorations on plates. Remove bananas from the freezer. Take one banana and dip in chocolate (or spoon chocolate over, if you prefer). Working quickly, immediately dip the chocolate covered banana in the decorations. Return decorated chocolate banana to wax-covered baking sheet or plate and return to freezer until banana is completely frozen and chocolate has hardened.


–Microwaves vary greatly, so exact heat settings and times cannot be given for melting chocolate. Refer to your owners manual for recommendations.

–While my chocolate vs banana ratio worked for me, your results may vary if your bananas are larger or smaller, or if your chocolate coating is thicker or thinner. I find this recipe works for 3-4 bananas, but you may have leftover chocolate.

–If using large bananas, it may be necessary to cut a 2″ (or so) size section from the middle of the banana, otherwise the bananas become too top-heavy. These small pieces can be made into a mini frozen chocolate banana, the same way as the larger ones are made. You’ll see in one or two of my photos where I have a couple small bananas.

–You might find it helpful to remove the finished frozen chocolate bananas from the freezer, and place them in the refrigerator, about 15-30 minutes before serving.


Sourced by Home Cooking Memories

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