Ordering Process FAQs


We live the “pasture to plate” life and made it easy for everyone to do the same!

Here is some information you should know about when you order with us.


What if I'm having problems with placing an order? 

We always suggest using Google Chrome

Firefox, Safari or Explorer have all been known to not work while placing orders. Google Chrome is the best option. Basically Chrome is the only browser that works successfully and consistently.

What is the cutoff to receive orders each week?  

For same week delivery, you must order by Tuesday 12 pm EST. 


If the product is SOLD OUT, how can I get ALERTS?   

Use the Notify Button by clicking on the picture of the product, clicking notify and getting either a text or email alert. 


I have histamine issues and allergies. What if my meats come in thawed or partially thawed?  

We ship our meats frozen and our goal is for them to get to you frozen, but sometimes they arrive anywhere from refrigerator cold to frozen. If you would prefer overnight, that is an option and that would require you to pay any amount above the standard shipping rate we charge per box, based on the state it is shipped to.  


I Didn't Get My Package?  

Call immediately 239-776-9054 or email us: orders@circlecfarmfl.com  


Do you take orders over the phone?  

We prefer you use our website, but we do phone orders on a selective basis.   


What if I decide I want to cancel my order?  

Call 239-776-9054. If an order has been packed and is on the pallet for UPS pick up, there is no refund. We will not refund your package if it is in transit.  


Can I make changes to my purchase after I have already ordered?  

No. Once an order has processed, no additions or deletions can be made. This causes confusion and possibly shipping mistakes. You can place a new order or you can wait to place a future order.  


How Do I Cancel My Order?  

You Must email and call us. If your order has shipped, there is no refund. Email: orders@circlecfarmfl.com or Phone: 239-776-9054 


Can I make changes to my purchase after I have already ordered?  

We DO NOT make changes to your order. No exception. This causes confusion and possibly shipping mistakes. You can place a new order or you can wait to place a future order and include the items you wanted to add.  

We are a small team, we try to avoid mistakes and errors - so thank you in advance for understanding that!!!! 


 What if I didn't realize my shipping address was wrong?  What if my auto fill filled my address wrong?  

If your order goes out with the wrong address, you are responsible for all costs associated with the re-routing or re-shipment of products, including shipping costs.  We will not refund your order. We will re-ship at your expense.    

If you realize that your shipping address is wrong or is missing some info CALL US / EMAIL us, if your cooler has NOT left / been labelled and is in the UPS trailer waiting for pick up, then we should be able to correct it. 



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