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Circle C Farm ArgiCamping™ RV & Motor Coach Farm Park CLICK here... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome to Circle C Farm, Your home away from home!Our Rustically Primitive On-Farm RV & Motor Coach Park awaits YouBoondocking / Dry Camping on Florida’s First & Only 100% Vertically Integrated FarmOur Peaceful Pastures will Feed and Feed Your Body, Mind and Soul• Your Body will relax and take in the sights, sounds and smells of our farm from sunrise to sunset and even in the dark under the stars and moon light.• Your Mind will exhale all that has been overwhelming you, giving you an opportunity for finding your center, that balance your have been longing.• Your Soul will connect with the Earth around you in ways you never thought possible.Experience what it is like to...• Wake up in the mist of the morning with the cows and calves around you.• Where the sheep and baby lambs are nursing and taking naps. • Where the pigs run wild in the morning and evening sunlight. • Where the chickens and ducks waddle through the fencing, scratching and pecking for bugs and flowers throughout the pastures as they graze. • Watch and listen as the donkeys try and get your attention every chance they get. • Oh, and our livestock guardian dogs spend the days sleeping and the nights working diligently to protect all that you have spent the day enjoying and appreciating.ArgiCamping™ Area...We have an open pasture area awaiting your arrival. This area is an open pasture that we use for pasture rotation and have opened up just for you. This is an improved pasture, so what that means is that when you get here, we have multiple sites to choose from. The area doesn’t have trees in it, so moving about or opening sliders and awnings can be done without anything in your way. The views of the rest of the farm, pastures and across the pastures is not obstructed and you will be able to see all the amazing sunrises and sunsets we have here in South Florida. Along with all the animals as they graze throughout their pasture rotation process.As for privacy... You can choose your location when you get here in the area that we have open and can make yourself at home there. If you are traveling with multiple RVs/Motor coaches together, then you can be close or not so close, whatever works for you.We get great breezes and often wind GUSTS throughout the day, so if you open your awnings, please make sure that you are aware of the wind.We have an Old Working Cattle Pen that is really neat and makes for great pictures and is super cool to check out! Our pastures smell like real grass (not like the stuff in town on concrete) and the livestock reminds you that there really are few things in this world that ‘have to be.’ Just watching them helps bring balance and perspective, if you are looking for that and if you are not; well, then you might just find something else that you didn’t know that you needed, but you did.Quiet enjoyment...Our farm is one that is low key and in constant motion, so while you are here, please enjoy the natural surroundings, peace and tranquility like we do. We are in an agriculture rich area/community and you will get to see the packing house that is located on our south side and the grinding facility in which they make Tiki Huts from the trees is located on our north side, both of which are operational during the work day/week. It’s not ‘loud’ but they are there, and we are here, so we want you to know that. You will also get to see the orange trucks moving about on SR 29 is the early morning. None of these are over the top, but worth a mention, as we are in the heart of AG country and our region feeds a great deal of the USA from right here from Hendry County Florida. If you want to enjoy music or entertainment, as we ask if that you keep it within your space so that others are able to enjoy their space and we have enough room for everyone, so that should be no problem at all.Farm Rules...Bio-Security, Farm and Food Security are of CRITICAL Importance for ALL of Us, so thank you in advance for being part of our Farm Bio-Security Team and contributing to our collective food safety and the serenity of the farm by...• Remaining in marked camping areas at all times. Refer to Map if unsure of areas, this includes bikes and personal golf carts, even if gates are open towards working farm area. Do NOT enter.• Respecting the quiet privacy and tranquil nature of our farm relative to other campers and neighbors, and the livestock of course.• DO NOT Feed any livestock or our Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs).• No Discharge of firearms at anytime.• No Fires of any sort – We have a COUNTY WIDE BURN BAN IN PLACE• No Discharge of Gray or Black water on the pastures at all, NO EXPECTIONS! Remember, the livestock eat off this pasture too!• Trash cans /dumpster provided for all trash / waste / pet waste. Bags available for both if needed.• Pick up your camp site/area, leaving only memories behind.• Dogs / puppies MUST be leashed 100% of the time and a human must always be present with dog/puppy. Animal tethered to a non moving item. Ex: RV / vehicle, not to a loose chair that can be drug as the animal runs off.• “Poop Park” is provided for walking your dog / puppy. Pick up feces / waste after your dog / puppy. We need to keep pastures free of anything that could be transferable from one pet to another and to ensure the cleanliness of the pasture for later grazing of cattle and sheep as they are rotated.• NO Cats Outside of RV/Camper. • NO Birds/Poultry or ‘Exotic’ anything allowed on property at ANYTIME for ANY REASON, even if it doesn’t ever leave the RV, motor coach, camper. NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL! BIO SECURITY!!!!• NO DRONE or aerial flying/recording devices of any kind at any time on the farm/farm area or property next/near our farm.• Well water is available for use at the Old Working Cattle Pen. This is for the livestock troughs, so there is no filter system on it. It has some iron to it, but is available if needed. • If you are not sure, please ask! 😊• We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave our farm at any time should the need arise to ensure the security, biosecurity, safety of anyone or livestock on property. Florida’s Agritourism StatueWARNINGUnder Florida law, an agritourism operator is not liable for injury or death of, or damage or loss to, a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury, death, damage, or loss results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism activities include, among others, risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury, death, damage, or loss. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activityNotables...¼ mile from the farm: Gas station with gas and diesel is located approximately 20 minutes away in Labelle, FL: Walmart, Tractor Supply, local restaurants, Ranch supply, tire repair, mechanic that we know has worked on RV/Motor Coaches before, Coffee Shop, Ice Cream, Pizza at Sal Cals, Labelle Brewery, Winn Dixie, churches, local retail shops, various churches and more.15 Minutes away in Immokalee, FL: Winn Dixie, lots of local taco and Latin restaurants, CVS, Walgreens, open air produce/flea market, various churches and more30 Minutes away in Ave Maria, FL: Publix, Catholic Cathedral, water park, local brewery, local retail shops, restaurants, gas station, ice cream and more

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