About Our Seafood FAQs


Just because you don't live here on the Florida Gulf Coast (even if you do), we want to make sure that we bring that taste of the Gulf straight to you. 

All of our seafood is WILD CAUGHT not farm raised. The nature of wild caught seafood brings with it a natural and normal saltiness. Particularly for the shrimp and lobster, you may want to rinse it off prior to cooking or preparing. 

So, just like our meats, we want to make sure that you get out of our local waters the best possible freshest seafood available.

Our local fishermen go way off shore to catch the cleanest and healthiest fish, stone crabs and shrimp they can find.


Do you sell seafood? Where does it come from?  
Yes, we sell seafood! Our seafood is fresh, wild caught, no preservatives, right out of the Gulf of Mexico in the areas off the coast of Florida.  We work with local commercial fisherman/women.  Seafood availability depends on the 'season' we are in.  Pricing is subject to market pricing, since we work directly with the fishermen/women the seafood we source is the very best, reasonably priced AND supports local fishing families. 

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