At Home FAQs

 I Didn't Get My Package?  

Call immediately 239-776-9054 or email us:  in the email subject line, please put the order / cart #, it makes it so much faster for us to help you if you do that.  


What happens if my package has a nick, is cut or has air in it?  

Meats leave our farm completely Cryovac. Nicks and or pinholes can occur during transport by a bone in cut of meat or the dry ice rubbing up against it allowing air to come in. Items shift during transport. There is nothing wrong with the meat and the meat is safe for consumption. You can put it in an extra freezer bag and place it in the freezer. 


I ordered the same meat and they are different colors. What happened?  

We don’t color, dye, provide food to the animals that dye the meat, bleach or gas our meats.  Animals' meat color will be different based on what the animal is eating more or less of. At Circle C Farm, all the animals grow naturally on pasture 24/7/365. Another reason for the color difference may happen when the meat is cryovaced. Air may get in the bag and darken the meat. There is nothing wrong with the meat. Brown meat is not bad meat!  


My meat defrosted in the refrigerator and juice leaked all over my refrigerator. Is it bad?  

No. Meat has natural juices and a pin hole may happen. Always put your frozen meats on a plate or in a bowl when defrosting in the refrigerator.  


What if there is a problem with my order?

Take pictures of the meat and all 4 sides of the box. Throw what you can in the freezer. E-mail us or call us immediately. If you wait more than 24 hrs after delivery via UPS, it is difficult to help, since it has been in your possession. We take no responsibility after it has been in your possession for more than 24hrs. But, do give us a call, in case we can help or answer questions, we'll do the best we can.  It's a Team effort! 

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