Preparing Your Circle C Farm Pasture Raised Turkey Or Duck
Cooking instructions made simple:
Pre-heat / Set your oven temperature to 325*F and plan to cook 8-10 minutes per pound. 
Remember: FAT is FLAVOR!
Use butter, coconut, olive or avocado oil along with your favorite spices & seasoning… that will ensure that your stays moist while cooking.
… KEEP an EYE on your turkey… if it cooks too long it will dry out…
To see if your turkey is cooked completely, check to make sure the internal temperature is 165*F in the thickest part of the Turkey without touching a bone, if so, then you’re done!
If not, give it a bit more time in the oven, BUT keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t over cook & dry out.
Tip: Before carving, let the turkey “rest” for about 10-15 minutes once out of oven.
If you are smoking your turkey, you might want to brine it or rub it - JUST make sure you wrap it for the majority of the cooking / smoking process so that it doesn't dry out.
Brine with whatever makes you smile - honey, wine, beer, spices, seasonings, veggies, tea, really whatever you would like.
ENJOY!!!! And thank you for making our Circle C Farm Family part of
Your Family’s Holiday tradition this year!