Shipping Process FAQs

Everything you need to know about our

Shipping process!

We add to this list all the time, as questions come up/repeat themselves, we like to add them here, so you might see new Questions with answers from time to time too.

How do you butcher, package and send the meat?   

Our meats are harvested, butchered and cryovaced in approximately 1 lb. packages, unless otherwise specified, and flash frozen.

Your meats arrive refrigerator cold to frozen in an insulated cooler that we designed with dry ice.  We do everything we can to get our meats to you frozen, that is always our goal.  However, we don't guarantee a specific temperature (IE: frozen solid) for delivery.  As long as your meats arrive at least refrigerator cold to frozen, then there is no problem.  Put everything into the freezer and use when you are ready, there is NO reason to cook everything up, it is NOT necessary!  Please don't panic if it happens to arrive not completely frozen solid, you are good!


Do you deliver nationwide?  

Yes we do via UPS.  

We deliver our meats, honeys, butters, Cassava Bread, Pasta, ½ and whole cows and our world-famous pasture raised eggs all over the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.  


Do you guarantee delivery with UPS within a certain number of days?  


We are at the mercy of UPS. There is no need to call UPS, they will only tell you what you already know from your tracking on their site.

They read from the same tracking screen you are looking at.

Email us or call us. We handle all claims associated with UPS. 

We do not refund any shipping costs, as we have to incur shipping costs and re-ship meats if need be. 

We will work with you to get the situation sorted out the best that we can as fast as we can. 

What are your shipping rates?  


1-3 Day Ground from Farm depending on the state. 


Each 1-20 Pounds is $24.99 for

each 1-20 pound increment of meat that is purchased.  

21-40 Pounds would be $24.99 x 2 = $49.98

41-60 would be $24.99 x 3 = $74.97

and so on...


2-3 Day Air from Farm,

Each 1-20 Pounds $44.99 for

each 20 pound increment of meat that is purchased. 

21-40 Pounds would be $44.99 x 2 = $89.98

41-60 would be $44.99 x 3 = $134.97

and so on...

WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, AK, TX, LA, MO, IL, IN, OH, MD, DE,  


OR,  HI, NE, KS, CO, DC*  

* These States listed above cannot go ground, it would be too long in transit

in a HOT UPS Trucks and the meats might come to you warm or spoiled,

and neither of us want that.  


MEATS: Make the most of your 20 lbs. increments for the shipping amounts.

EGGS: Shipping is included in the cost of the eggs.  



Do you ship to a P.O. Box?  

We DO NOT ship to a P.O. BOX  

We can ship to any address including physical UPS Stores.  If you place a physical address to a UPS center, we ship it and it is denied, we are NOT responsible for this. There is no refund. You are more than welcome to re-order at your expense. 


How long will it take for my meats to arrive?  

We ship Monday and Tuesday of each week. Florida usually is 1 day; all others States are 2-3 days. We ship VIA UPS (we do not and will not use any other carrier or your personal or business account).  


When do I get a tracking number?  

When we create the label.

UPS picks up late afternoon here at the farm, so it might be 9-11 PM before you get the email with the tracking number in it.

Then UPS scans your order at the HUB.

UPS scans your box either late at night or very early AM, so please be patient. Check your junk box and spam box if you do not see your email confirmation with a tracking number

You can always log into your account and see the tracking number there, once UPS scans it. 


UPS Hasn't Sent My Tracking Number? 

Check junk mail or spam or email us at 

We can get it to you.


Do you ship with ice bags, ice or dry ice?  

We ship with dry ice in 100% recyclable insulated silver coolers and must follow FAA guidelines regulating dry ice amounts for air deliveries. We will get your meats to your doorstep refrigerator cold to frozen.  


What if I receive my box and all the dry ice is gone?  

Dry ice can/usually evaporates in transit.

If the meat is refrigerator cold to frozen it is food safe and you can put it in the freezer. No worries, no issues.


What if I receive my box and all the dry ice is gone?  

Dry ice evaporates in transit. If the meat is refrigerator cold to frozen it is food safe and you can put it in the freezer.  If it is refrigerator cold and has thawed completely or has a partial thaw, just pop it in the freezer, you are good.  There's no food safely issue there.  The meat quality is still good, no worries. 


How do I discard the dry ice?  

Discard the dry ice by letting it dissipate in the sink or put it outside away from children and pets, so they do not touch it. Dry ice is (-78.5 degrees C). It will burn your hands, so carry by the plastic bag top or use a glove.  


I Didn't Get My Package?  

Call immediately 239-776-9054 or email us:  in the email subject line, please put the order / cart #, it makes it so much faster for us to help you if you do that.  


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