Shipping Process FAQs

Shipping Process FAQs

🚚 How do you ship your meat?

We harvest and package our meat into a high quality food safe cryovac package, flash freeze, and deliver them in an insulated cooler with dry ice. While our goal is always to deliver frozen meat, we do not guarantee a specific temperature upon arrival. As long as the meat is at least refrigerator cold to frozen, it is safe to consume.  Put it in your freezer and eat when ready to consume.

🚚 🚚 Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, we deliver our amazing meats, eggs, honey, butters, breads, cookies, 1/4 and 1/2, and whole cows all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, via UPS.

📆 Do you guarantee delivery within a certain number of days? 

No, we do not guarantee delivery times as we are at the mercy of UPS. We handle all claims associated with UPS and will work with you to sort out any issues.

💰 What are your shipping rates?

Ground shipping for states like FL, GA, TN, SC, NC, VA, KY, AL, WV, AR, PA, and MS is $24.99 for each 1-20 pound increment of meat purchased. Airplane shipping is also available for other states and costs $44.99 for each 20 pound increment of meat purchased. Eggs have free shipping.

📦 Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

No, we do not ship to P.O. boxes. We can ship to any address, including physical UPS stores. If the package is denied at a UPS center, there is no refund, and the customer is responsible for reordering at their own expense.

How long does it take for meat to arrive?

We ship Monday and Tuesday of each week via UPS. Florida deliveries usually take one day, while other states take 2-3 days. Customers will receive a tracking number once the label has been created.

❄️ Do you ship with ice bags or dry ice?

We ship with dry ice in 100% recyclable insulated silver coolers and follow FAA guidelines for air deliveries. We aim to deliver the meat refrigerator cold to frozen.

What if all the dry ice is gone upon arrival?

Dry ice can evaporate during transit. As long as the meat is refrigerator cold to frozen, it is safe to consume and can be put in the freezer. If the meat has completely thawed, it can still be frozen and consumed safely.

🧊 How do I discard dry ice?

Discard the dry ice by letting it dissipate in the sink or outside away from children and pets. It is important to use gloves or carry the dry ice by the plastic bag top to avoid getting burned.

📦 What if I didn't receive my package?

If you did not receive your package, please call us at 239-776-9054 or email us at with your order/cart number in the subject line.

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