Pasture Points Reward Program / Referrals 
How does it work?
Pasture Points are for Online Purchases ONLY and it does not include shipping.


Easy steps to sign up for the pasture points program.

1. Click the red pasture points rewards button on the bottom right, or the red purse that pops up on your mobile phone.

2. Click to join.

3. Then shop! Your points will automatically be added to your account under the email you signed up with when you created an account with us!


The points breakdown. 

Sign up, set up a new account. +100 Pasture Points

$15 off discount: 500 Pasture Points

$45 off discount: 750 Pasture Points

$75 off discount: 1000 Pasture Points


 REFERRALS… Tell Your Family and Friends About Circle C 

Share with your Friends!

Here is how you find the code.

Log in at the top right

Click on the red pasture points button at the bottom right..

A red pop up will appear.

Scroll down to referrals and click to copy and paste the code.

You can provide this code to as many people as you want.

Every first time purchase, you receive rewards.


$5 off discount when they purchase, the reward will automatically be added to your account.


5% off discount for their first purchase, by using your link.  You can share that link via your social media posting or directly emailing them the link.



Place an order

1 Pasture Point for every $1 spent, not including the shipping.

Share on Facebook

50 Pasture Points

Share on Twitter

50 Pasture Points

Celebrate a birthday - Points appear on the day of your birthday.

200 Pasture Points 

Follow on Instagram

50 Pasture Points

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