Circle C Farm Abattoir & Butcher Shop is accepting outside animals for Harvesting & Butchering Services / Meat Processing Services

If you’d like to get on our schedule, please email

or call the Farm 239-776-9054 (M-F 9 AM to 3 PM)
to schedule your harvesting time. 

You can also send us a message here

CUT SHEET will be emailed upon scheduling appointment, so that you can look everything over before coming on site for drop off.  We will go through the cut sheet with you. 

We have kept it simple to minimize any confusion or errors on your end or ours.

Turn time is typically 1-2 weeks from time of drop off.
So, have that freezer ready!

Species for Harvesting include:

  • Cattle

  • Pigs

  • Goat

  • Sheep / Lamb

NO Poultry or Wild Game will be harvested for bio-security purposes at all.

All butchering / packaging will be at the same quality and HIGH standards that we engage in when handling our own meat and packaging for our clientele –

your meat will be treated the same as we treat our own and so will your animal!


Our goal is to harvest and butcher so that you get the greatest yield out of your animal carcass.

All bones, fat, meat, etc will be packaged and provided for you, based on your cut sheet.  It’s YOUR animal and we take pride in our old-fashioned hand butchering by our experienced butchers and the way that they breakdown an animal to maximize your yield by using techniques that will do just that.

 We DON’T KEEP any of your meat, it’s YOURS and we have our own! (We don’t need nor want your meat!)  Don't take that personally, but yours is yours, ours is ours! :)

Our Harvesting Service

Sheep, Lamb, Goat Abattoir (Slaughter Slaughterhouse) and Butcher Services / Meat Processing Services


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Grassfed Beef, Cow, Cattle, Pork, Pig, Hog Abattoir (Slaughter Slaughterhouse) and Butcher Services / Meat Processing Services


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We can ALL eat in our food shed, so that we can continue to feed our families and friends and neighbors healthy meats that we know are better for us all in general.  It is our goal here at Circle C Farm to support other farmers in our state, so that we can all benefit from what we do and our commitment to the livestock we raise to eat!

We look forward to working with you.

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