From Our Pasture to Your Plate™ | 100% Pastured Poultry from Circle C Farm

From Our Pasture to Your Plate™ | 100% Pastured Poultry from Circle C Farm

From Our Pasture to Your Plate


Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference. Our 100% Pastured Poultry, Free ranging duck meat is always fresh from our field.  Harvested on-farm in our very own private USDA Inspected Abattoir (slaughterhouse) and Butcher Shop.

You'll savor the delicious taste of our tender duck meat, and be confident in knowing where your meat comes from. Ducks on our farm live a happy, healthy, lifestyle on chemical and pesticide free pastures. Our ducks enjoy our rice based feed along with a natural diet, as nature intended.  They enjoy eating bugs, grubs, flowers, and anything else found in our pasture.  

We have very happy ducks!

Key Benefits of Circle C Farm’s Pasture Raised Ducks include:

- Our pastured duck is healthier and tastier due to their stress-free & free range lifestyle.

The flavor profile of our pastured duck meat is both soft and robust without being gamey at all, it is the ultimate red meat experience.

- Our happy ducks live their best life and enjoy each and every day in the warm Florida sunshine soaking up those rays.

Pasture raised poultry are known for their higher nutritional value as compared to ducks that are not raised out on grass and pasture. 

Treat yourself to a meal that you can feel good about, knowing that your journey to enhance your personal and family health and wellness comes from a local farm that also values the benefits of eating right and the importance of knowing your farmer!

Circle C Farm’s 100% pasture raised duck is healthier and is always free of antibiotics and hormones. If you're looking for healthy, ethically-raised ducks online, then ours is perfect for you and will always make your mouth water.

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Pastured Unwashed Chicken Eggs form Circle C Farm

Try our delicious Pastured Unwashed Eggs from Circle C Farm. Important Information About Your Eggs Order

  1. Eggs last 3-4 months in the refrigerator after being cleaned and refrigerated upon arrival (same day). 
  2. We ship 2 extra per case, so if 1 or 2 happen to break in transit, you are still good to go. :) BUT, usually, you end up with a bonus of 2! Woo Hoo!
  3. Hard boiled / deviled eggs: Wait 5 days after you clean and refrigerate to hard boil (this allows the shell to separate from the egg easier).  Our pastured eggs are so fresh when we ship them to you, you need to give them the chance to have the interior lining release from the inside of the shell.  If you hard boil them ‘too fresh’ you will have a bit of a hard time removing the shell and it still looks pretty, they will taste FABULOUS either way, but not as much fun to fill in smaller pieces.
  4. Yolk colors will vary from hen to hen, much like hair color in humans.  Each laying hen will give you her ‘gift’ and throughout the year, as temperatures change and as the different seasons occur, there will be variations in yolk color, this is NATURAL.
  5. Shell thickness will vary from hen to hen, like egg yolk color.  The thickness of the shell is also impacted by the weather and time of year.  This too is natural and normal.
  6. We don’t artificially enhance the color of our egg yolks in any way!!!!  We believe in the natural way of raising our livestock and that includes our laying hens, both the chickens and ducks.
  7. Pasture raised Kosher eggs?  Our eggs are naturally kosher and so long as there are no blood spots in them, then they are truly “Kosher Eggs”  From time to time, you might find a blood spot in them, this occurs naturally, but not very often.  We are a great source for your Kosher Eggs as well!

If you want the best tasting, healthiest “golden” yolk pasture raised eggs shipped to your door, then our pastured eggs are for you! 

Remember, our chickens are 100% pastured 24/7/365 and have access to our rice based feed.  More than half of their diet is made up of pasture grasses, bugs, grubs and flowers, the way nature intended, they live a great life!

We do not feed any animal products, hormones or antibiotics on our farm to ANY of our livestock. You'll find that Circle C Farm is a family farm where we work hard to provide you with the best tasting, healthiest eggs that are ever shipped directly to you. 

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Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference™

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From Our Pasture to Your Plate™

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