Eggs FAQs
Our Pasture Raised "Golden" Eggs are simply AMAZING!
Taste The Difference! 
There are few things in life as simple and as pleasurable to eat as a fresh from the coop egg from the pastures of Circle C Farm.


Do you ship your Eggs? 

Yes, we SHIP them UNWASHED!  Meaning, we pick the cleanest ones out of the coop and ship them to you.  They are fresh eggs, meaning straight from the coop to you within a matter of days, not months like the grocery stores. 



Because we don't ship them with refrigeration.  We ship our eggs with washing instructions.  If you are not wanting to or are not in a position to take a few minutes to wash them, then please don't order them.    


Do I / You need to WASH them when they arrive???  

YES!!!! because they need to have the farm 'love' or poo / stuff from the coop and field that you should wash off prior to putting them into your refrigerator. 


Is it OK to leave them out on the counter until we use them? 

NO, it is best from a food safety standpoint to wash them up even quickly and put them in your refrigerator.  Remember, the eggs have travelled to you, that is good; but you do want to wash them off before you put them into your refrigerator with all of your other food items. 

You want to practice as much food safety as you can, even a quick wash is best before putting them in your fridge. 


Will the eggs come unbroken? 

Yes, they should.  We have specially designed our very own egg shipping containers so that they get to you safe and sound.  We ship 2 extra per case, so if 1 or 2 happen to break in transit, you are still good to go. :)  BUT, usually, you end up with a bonus of 2!  


How old are the eggs when you collect them? 

We pick them from the coop the day before we ship them to you, so that they are freshly gathered from the laying hens, are as fresh as they possibly can be when they get to you. 😊  


What’s the difference between Duck and Chicken eggs?   

The duck eggs are a bit more dense in the yolk and they are typically larger naturally.  The yolk in a duck egg is larger too. 


Will I taste the difference between a Duck and a Chicken egg? 

Yes, you might be able to taste the difference, they really are not that much different in the taste, what you might feel is the denseness difference in the yolk.  Both are AMAZING!!!! 


Why are the egg yolks different colors and the shells vary in thinkness? 

Our chicken are ACTUALLY outside on pasture 24 / 7 / 365, we are not a farm that claims to be pasture raised and actually keeps our chickens in a hot house with a 12” x 12” door that the chickens have access to the outdoors, if they choose – KNOW your definitions!!! MANY MANY commercial production facilities are just that, so don’t be fooled by the packaging in the grocery store when it says ‘pasture raised’ or even free range, those are often production facilities pushing the limits of the ‘claim’ they are making.  

So, what does that actually mean...  

WELL... since our chickens are actually outside, their yolk color varienaturally from hen to hen, just like people have different variations of natural hair color.  Each hen lays her own egg and she influences that yolk color, she will be consistent in her laying, just like her speckles on the outside or the ‘wrinkles’ that you see on the outside of the egg shells. 


Throughout the year, the yolk color will vary based on a variety of factors like temperature, proteins in the grasses, amount of rain, number of bugs, grubs and different types of flowers growing in the pasture that the laying hens are eating.  This is totally normal.  This is real farming! 

Remember, we are NOT A HOT HOUSE farm, our ladies are actually outside on pasture, and we DO NOT artificially influence the egg color with feed additives like the production facilities are known to do to ‘color’ their egg yolks. 

So, yes, you will see variations from egg to egg, that is normal.  No matter the egg yolk color, they are AMAZING!!!!! They really are! 


What do Quail eggs taste like? 

They are just as fabulous as the chicken and duck eggs, really, they are.  And, they are super beautiful too! 


What happens if I don’t wash my eggs? 

Ultimately it is your choice if you want to wash the eggs or not. 

Unwashed eggs have a natural bacterium on the outside surface so you should definitely wash them before using them. 

If you’re going to leave them unwashed and put them in the refrigerator you should beware of potential bacteria that can get in your fridge. 


Can I leave my eggs unwashed and out at room temperature? 

Unwashed eggs left out at room temperature are best to be used within a week. 

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