Our "Golden" Eggs FAQs



Our Eggs are RAW - What does that mean?  That means that our eggs are NOT pasteurized or heat treated like store bought eggs.  Our Road Island Reds and heritage breed chickens LOVE living their best life on our pastures!

Our Eggs are RAW and we have left them the way the hen has laid them... with ALL the great nutritional value that you are looking for in a pasture raised egg.  Our eggs are from hens that are actually out on pasture 24/7/365, from hens that are happy and stress free, from hens that are free roaming around the pasture with access to eat everything that nature intended for them to eat out on pasture. 

🥚📦 Yes, we SHIP our RAW Fresh "Golden" Pasture Raised Eggs UNWASHED straight from our coop! We do wipe off the "farm love" aka: chicken poop.  Our eggs are handpicked and shipped within days, not months like those in grocery stores. We gather over the weekend and ship at the beginning of the week.  We recommend washing them prior to refrigeration for food safety reasons.

📦 We have specially designed our egg shipping containers to ensure they arrive unbroken. We ship 2 extra eggs per case in case of breakage during transit, but you usually end up with a bonus of 2!  We cannot control what happens o them in transit, but we do all that we can to get them to you whole and not broken.  Should there be an issue with shipping, please let us know and we'll work with you on any issues.

🥚 Duck Eggs are larger and have denser yolks than chicken eggs, but both taste amazing. The yolk color of our eggs varies naturally from hen to hen, depending on factors such as temperature and what they eat in the pasture. We do not artificially influence egg color with feed additives like production facilities.

🥚 Quail Eggs taste just as great as chicken and duck eggs and are super beautiful too! Unwashed eggs have a natural bacterium on the outside, so we recommend washing them before use. If left unwashed, they should be used within a week if kept at room temperature.


STORE: The eggs offered at the store are as per FDACS are required to be both WASHED & Refrigerated.

ONLINE: The eggs shipped are UNWASHED, and therefore do not need refrigeration in transit until they get to you.  Upon Arrival, they should be WASHED and REFRIGERTED SAME DAY as arrival!  Washing Instructions are on the box of eggs for you, so no need to worry about that part.

Why? because they have traveled to you, are not already washed and they are RAW.  From a FOOD SAFTEY standpoint, you do NOT want to put an unwashed egg in your frig that has any farm bacteria on them and risk that bacteria getting on your other food/foods.

BUT, since they are 'UNWASHED" can't I just leave them out on the counter in my kitchen for a month?  No, you really don't want to do that.  You want to maintain that freshness, so wash them up and get them in the frig same day. 


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