Nicole and Jenn talk Natural Easter Egg Dying

Nicole and Jennifer from Circle C Farm share how they dyed Easter eggs naturally using blueberries, cumin, paprika, spinach and coffee grounds. Recipes found on along with tips for hard boiling eggs. Happy Easter and Happy Easter egg dying with your family and friends using no chemicals, having a great time! Enjoy your coloring adventure, it was soooo much fun! Grab that apron or dark t shirt and have a blast this holiday or anytime really! Also try hard boiling them, then peel them and put them in the natural colors and see what cool colors they turn - you will have the most awesome hard boiled or deviled eggs! Try these ideas out for yourself on our pasture raised and grass fed free range eggs, you will LOVE them! #hardboiledeggs #EasterEggs #coloredeggs #natural #naturaleggcolors #Eastercoloredeggs @circlecfarmfl

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