Fresh from the Gulf, from our local fishermen, and flash frozen in salt water on the boat with absolutely no preservatives, Circle C Farm continues our commitment and guiding principles of supporting local and seeking and finding the highest quality proteins to share with and make available for you to enjoy.


Just because you don't live here on the gulf with us, we want to make sure that we bring that taste of the gulf to you.  So, just like our meats, we want to make sure that you get out of our local waters the best possible freshest seafood available.

Our local fishermen go way off shore to catch the cleanest and healthiest fish and shrimp they can find.

The shrimp that we are bringing to you is raw, head on and in different sizes.

The fish is offered both filleted and as a whole fish (cleaned out).


There are no preservatives or chemicals on or in these fish or shrimp, nor are the shrimp injected with any chemicals at all.

Thawing instructions include removing from package for thawing.