All of our animals are always treated respectfully, provided clean fresh water and have access to ample grassy pastures 24/7/365.


What we DO DO... 

We control, own and operate our farms, what happens on them and we value that greatly! 


Our Team follows and engages with the animals on our farm in the same manner! 


That is what makes us different from other farms and or facilities.


We are about quality of life, respect and appreciation of the livestock and what they will provide to us and we would not have it any other way!  EVER!

Enjoy touring our farm on our website, we look forward to seeing you in our Farm Store or on one of our Tours. 


What we DO NOT DO... 


Our animals are NEVER given:




Any Growth Promoting Additives, ever


Our Pastures are NOT treated with:




or anything at all, because we don't need to!

Instead… we use chicken manure via our mobile chicken houses (much larger than tractors) and a Serengeti Pasture Management rotation plan / system to sustain our pastures 12 months of the year.  Along with a great deal of amazing Florida Sun.


Our veal calves remain with the herd and our mama cows until time of harvest.  We do not pen or confine any of our livestock.


Our Working pens:

Which we use for handling of our own and our USDA facilities’ cattle, calves, sheep, pigs and goats has been designed following a Temple Grandin designed, modified for our farm size. 


This design allows us to safely work with the animals for routine wellness checks or for the harvest process in a way that keeps both humans and livestock separated for safety, ease of use and smooth and stress free as the process flows naturally.


In Our On FARM USDA Inspected Red and White Meat Facility:


ALL livestock brought into our facility while on our property are handled with respect and treated humanely while they are on our farm or in our care, just as if they were our own.              


ALL Animals are handled in a humane fashion all the way through the entire harvesting process!  That is something that we take great pride in!  WE DO NOT rush the process for the sake of time and money. 


We have made a commitment to our animals and to others’ animals that we as the humans handling them will treat them respectfully and with a sense of dignity.

We do NOT use electric poking or prodding devices, we do not stun, nor do we rush any animal.

 We make every attempt to be a "zero waste" facility as we possibly can. 


As a private facility:

We do NOT knowingly harvest ANY animal that is pregnant or showing clear signs of being pregnant.

We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


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