Thoughts and Feelings from our Circle C Farm Family both Near and Far...
You’re welcome!

Love your products, will definitely make the drive to the farm when things calm down...

Lynn Scully


Nicole, Manny and Korby,


I wanted to thank you all for an amazing product. I ate my first sirloin yesterday and it was DELICIOUS!!!.

So good that I didn't want to give my German Shepherd a bite!


You have blown all other steaks out of the water!!! I have gone to Whole Foods and gotten the grass-fed beef in a pinch and I have a monthly subscription to Butcher Box and while their meats are good they can't even come close to yours.


Flavorful, fresh and fantastic!


I have passed your information on to my friends-I hope they will take my advice and order from you.


Additionally Korby, thanks for making this process super easy.


When this 1/2 cow runs low I will be ordering another and another and another!


Much thanks.

 Alexandra (Tampa)


 My order just arrived and it was packed PERFECTLY!  Everything was nice and frozen.  Thank you so much!




Thank you.  I was so impressed with your packaging.


Can’t wait to try the meat.




 Hello Nicole and Manny,

I am happy to say that I have enjoyed your products without any GI issues. Thanks for all the hard work that you do and I will continue to support your business.




Thank you so very much! For how wonderfully packaged everything was. This is our first but not our last order from your farm! I also appreciate the information that you send the recipes and on how to cook.


 It's a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to do business on a monthly or bi-weekly basis thank you so much!!




That was the most delicious pork sausage I have ever tasted and the most incredible part is it is the healthiest I have ever had with the animals it comes from and no sugar and no maple syrup!

We are all so fortunate to buy from Circle C!

Beverly C, Florida


Hi Nicole, I just want to tell you how much I love that you are doing 4 oz portions of things for us plant paradox people! Thanks so much! Makes life a little easier!

I won’t be ordering wings or backs because I only like the breast portions of chicken, which is what I recently ordered, and love!

So glad that I found you guys!

Diane McG,


 Thank you, Nicole and Manny!

Happy to shop from your farm. I really like the quality and the fact that it’s all so clean and natural is something I’m so grateful to have found.


-Y, CA



Thank you for the good quality meat.


-Anthony, CA



Hi Korby,

Just want to tell you how delicious our Christmas turkey from Circle C tasted. Not only crispy skin & moist meat but the flavor was incredible. Thank you for all you are doing to raise quality and nutritious foods for our world to enjoy.

We will be having your tenderloin for NYE and are very much looking forward to another spectacular meal!


-Kristin, FL


 Just wanted to say I braised about 2 lbs of pork baby back ribs today--best ever! And it's so nice to be able to eat the drippings without having to go into denial about the pro-inflammatory high Omega 6 fat of corn and soy-supplemented hogs. That's the way it should always be, but it's just you and the Tuscans allowing pigs to eat well.

Best recipe for baby back ribs: Quincy Jones' (look for it on I omit sweet peppers (AIP) and only use garlic and onions, no Lawry's, just Himalayan salt, black pepper, and thyme, and they are still everybody's favorite. I also braise them, and everything else at 250, not 300. I've also thrown them in the oven immediately after assembling the packet without letting them marinate in the fridge first--no one can tell.

Thank for raising your stock right, tell the animals I said thank you.

 -Diane, CO


 Hello I hope all is well. I just had to let you know that that was the best turkey I ever ordered. I say this to encourage you to continue to prepare the birds the way you're doing it because I have ordered from healthy Traditions the ones that feed that Coco feed and of the so-called grain free poultry feed. that that was the best turkey I ever ordered I say this to way you're doing it because I have ordered from healthy traditions the ones that feed the birds and Coco feed. I found that in the pre cooking preparation of the bird there were feather quill still left on it and my wife had to work hard with needle nose pliers to get all of that out. My wife said this was the cleanest bird she had ever seen over a 40 year period of cooking. Please keep up the good work and train all of your protege to do this and I will guarantee you that I will order a turkey from you at least once maybe twice a year, and recommend you to everybody I know. Thanks again and God bless you and everyone at Circle C.



Hi Nicole,

 Thank you for that wonderful Turkey. It was the best Turkey I have ever had.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


 Anna, FL


Thank you guys, for being an: available, conscious of the environment, love of animals wellbeing farm.  I am so happy to have found you.  The chicken has been awesome beyond words.  We are wonderfully happy.          

Michael and Tara, TN


 Hello Nicole and Manny,

 Thank you so much for having a source of corn free poultry and pork.  My family has been looking for a source for a long time.


Brenda, MD


Thanks Nicole.  I will.  So happy to have finally found truly pastured chickens!
Julie, MA


 Good afternoon, 

 I feel very blessed to have found a farm that produces meats without corn. I had lost hope before finding your farm. Yesterday, my mom ordered the beef and chicken and we got it yesterday and last night I was eating sausages. I was almost in tears because for the first time I can eat chicken and beef without a stomachache. The lucky one is me. 

 Enjoy the rest of your day 

Ana, FL


 Dear Nicole and Manny,

 Happy to be a repeat customer! And to the person that included a VERY nice cooler bag into our box with purchase, a BIG THANK YOU! What a nice gift, and it will come in very handy.

 Continued success with your farm!

Best regards,

Karen, FL


Yes sure!  Also, it’s really great meat because of no soy and corn.  Us cancer patients don’t need it in our lives.  Especially for hormone driven cancers!

 Tracy, TX


Hi Nicole,

Yes, you can use anything I say for your testimonials!


That was the most delicious pork sausage I have ever tasted and the most incredible part is it is the healthiest I have ever had with the animals it comes from and no sugar and no maple syrup!

We are all so fortunate to buy from Circle C!


Beverly, FL


Hi Nicole,

Just received my order. Everything was perfectly frozen, your packaging is outstanding. I've already started a large pot of chicken stock. 

Can't wait to try the beef ribs.

 Regards, Joyce, MA


Damn that’s great lamb!!!   Thank you! Laura, FL                                                                           




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