Nicole's REALLY EASY 4 Step Bone Broth Recipe for your Little Chef

Nicole's REALLY EASY 4 Step Bone Broth Recipe for your Little Chef

Nicole's REALLY EASY 4 Step Bone Broth Recipe that the Kids can make too!


It doesn't matter whether or not I use our grass fed grass finished beef, pork or lamb marrow bones or if I grab a bag of our pasture raised chicken, turkey or duck backs, necks and feet, I use the same basic recipe for all of them.

You know that I don't have much time to "cook," BUT that I LOVE LOVE my bone broths!  I openly share that I drink it AND all of our dogs drink it, pretty much daily.


So, how do I do it???
I Keep it super SIMPLE... and nothing fancy.


I do use the crock pot (I have a family sized one) for this.

I do not have an insta pot, so I cannot tell you how it would/might work in that.

I don’t roast or braise my bones before, I know some people do, but you can do it either way, both taste good, just time/energy/preference dictates this added step.



  1. Put in marrow bones 4-6 depending on size or poultry bones desired 1 back usually fits in pot easily, a few necks and feet (if I have the necks and feet in the house, if not, they don't go in, will get them for the next batch that I make.)

Mind you - I usually throw the bones in frozen, I don't worry about them being thawed out, don't have time for that.

  1. Put in some pink Himalayan salt (small amount) to taste and pepper to taste. 

If in the mood, I will sometimes add garlic, onions or other veggies, or even vary up the seasonings, but for the most part, it’s just salt and pepper to taste.

  1. Add water to the top line just under the lid line.


  1. Turn crock pot on high for about 2-3 hours and then down to low (not 'keep warm' that seems to be too hot and doesn't turn out well on that setting) for 24 hours.

If you are doing this as you are walking out the door, then set it to low temp to begin with, it works just fine too. 



NOW, after 24 hours, I take out some of the broth for myself to drink and then the  dogs get it top dressed for dinner serving over their raw and or dry food that they have available 24/7 free choice feeding.

I then add more water and salt/pepper to taste and let it continue on LOW for another 24 hours.



Whatever I don’t need at that point gets put into reusable containers / plastic quart containers or whatever is in ‘the drawer’ and I freeze it.

This way I have it for grab and go to take with me or to leave in frig to defrost for next day when I don’t have ‘fresh’ in process on the counter to scoop from.


Serving & Storage ideas:

Ice cube trays for quick easy heating or measuring to add to another recipe.   

Our dogs love the ice cubes, but remember our dogs are only outside, so keep that in mind if you have an inside dog J

Mason jars to take to work, easy for reheating.  If you freeze glass jars, remember to leave room at the top for expansion.

Popsicles: shaped freezer pops, easy to grab and enjoy anytime.




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