The Benefits Of Raw Pet Grind For Your Cats And Dogs

The Benefits Of Raw Pet Grind For Your Cats And Dogs

Circle C Farm has its own line of raw grass-fed grass finished

Dog, Cat, Raw Pet Grind mix for your animals.  

Our pet mixes are derived from the organs, muscle meats and trim from all of the animals we harvest from our farm in our own USDA Inspected Abattoir and Butcher Shop. Free of antibiotics, steroids, preservatives and added hormones, 

Based on multiple sources, obesity among pets is on the rise, weight management is top-of-mind for pet parents. If you think your pet might be overweight, then a raw food diet might be a healthy solution to consider. Raw food diets are growing in popularity because they are a natural and easy way to normalize your pet’s weight. If the term “raw food” is unfamiliar to you, here is what you should know and how to get started.

What is a raw food diet?

The concept of a raw food diet is based on how dogs and cats evolved through hunting and scavenging for their food. Dogs and cats have a very short digestive tract geared to the consumption and digestion of raw foods. 

How raw food helps with weight loss*

  • Raw diets do not contain any of the fillers or binders that are needed to make kibble (dry food) or the unnecessary calories that come along with them.
  • Raw food is more fully digested and the body is able to absorb and utilize more nutrients from the food.
  • All the protein in raw foods comes from meat, not grains or plants, and is readily assimilated by the animal’s body – helping pets feel satisfied with fewer calories.

Additional benefits of a raw food diet

In addition to supporting weight loss, raw food diets have other benefits, including:

  • Relief from common itchy skin issues.
  • Increased vitality and improved immunity to disease.
  • Less shedding and a healthier, shinier coat.
  • Reduced inflammation and healthier joints.
  • Improved digestion with fresher breath and smaller, almost odorless poops!

We scour the web for research and pass it along. We do not make any claims of original material or material being complete fact or a cure. We provide information from other sources for educational purposes only. 

Consult with your Doctor or Pet's Veterinarian. 

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