Your Meats Should Exceed Organic Standards, And Be Truly Pasture Raised NOT Free Range And No Soy

Your Meats Should Exceed Organic Standards, And Be Truly Pasture Raised NOT Free Range And No Soy

Below is Jeremy from California, who wrote us about reading the labels fine print. When he did, it was an eye opening experience and a game changer for him. Jeremy found us! Through research, he realized, farms that are organic can still use pesticides, meats at the store have small print that says soy fed and corn fed. The meats that are "FRESH" at the store, have been frozen and thawed.  You receive Circle C Farm meats flash frozen, because we don't use colors, dyes, preservatives, additives, bleaches, or inject our meats with fillers. Everything is USDA approved. We use non latex gloves. We use Apple Cider Vinegar as our wash, NOT BLEACH. All these factors are important and are the reason Circle C Farm is one of only two in the entire Country doing what we do! Education is key! You are getting the cleanest top quality meat and eggs, from a family farm, not a commodity meat farm. We respect and treat our animals humanely. We give tours and open our farm up to educate you on how we do things and why we are different! 

Here is the email we received. Not edited, in it's full form and approved to use by Jeremy.


You are most welcome!  After considerable research of all the "natural" meat sources I identified Circle C Farm as the way to eat the most healthy and naturally raised meats.   We usually shop at Whole Foods but after a lot of research I learned that "Organic" and "Free Range" still meant that chickens were fed soy and corn and most likely never saw a bug or a blade of grass in their lives.  All of my research has led me to the conclusion that we should eat as closely as possible to how our bodies evolved to eat and digest and absorb.  I then researched a lot of the online farms and in the fine print they virtually all feed their animals soy and corn to fatten them up.  Those are probably the least natural and healthy things to feed an animal but they are only fed to them so they can get big fast.  We did not evolve to eat meats raised on soy and corn and stuck in a barn.   I also learned how different the fats are in meat when they are raised on grass.  High in Omega 3s instead of 6s, etc.  I'd rather have a slightly smaller chicken breast knowing not only did the chicken have a life but it is also light years healthier for me.  I have to admit that my wife was skeptical of buying "frozen meat" (she even made a face!) but she was sold when I served up the first juicy flavorful pan roasted chicken and "authorized" me to feed her more of it!  I wish I was closer so I could come meet you but I'll be a good customer!

Jeremy, CA

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