New Baby on Our Farm!!

New Baby on Our Farm!!

The newest addition to our farm, a baby cow, is already living the good life on our South West Florida pasture.

circle c farm - From Our Pasture to Your Plate ™

This young calf gets all of its necessities met and then some with plenty of fresh grass and warm sun in beautiful weather.

This young calf is living the good life, not only enjoying its necessities but also sitting in the sun and eating delicious grass from our family farm's pasture.

From Our Pasture to Your Plate ™

All animals that make up Circle C Farms cattle, eggs and dairy products are raised on open pasture. This young calf is able to express its natural behaviors because it can freely roam.

grassy pasture for free range chickens and cows at circle c farm in florida

This calf has gotten the chance to stay outside 365 days a year, and can enjoy all of the fresh grass and warm sun in beautiful weather!

From Our Pasture to Your Plate™

Circle C Farm produces some of the finest-quality pasture raised, 100% grass fed and grass finished meats. Our caring treatment of animals begins at birth and remains consistent throughout an animal's life cycle. When you buy our Family Farm's meats & Eggs from, you will enjoy the difference in flavor, and feel great about where your food came from.

Circle C Farms meat and eggs come from 100% grass-fed & grass finished livestock who eat only fresh grasses from our pasture. We are a Family farm that is truly committed to not just to providing all of our animals with ample space in which they can live out their lives, but also superior quality.

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