The "REAL" Behind So Called Organic Meats!

The "REAL" Behind So Called Organic Meats!

Circle C Farm IS A PASTURE RAISED FARM! We exceed organic standards and are proud of it!

Organic Meat, Eggs, and Dairy “Products”

Don’t be misled by packages of meat, eggs, and dairy “products” with pictures of happy animals running near quaint country barns and reassuring labels proclaiming “organic” or “free-range.” Animals on typical organic and “free-range” farms often spend much of their time confined to crowded sheds or mud-filled pens, just as animals on conventional factory farms do. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires animals on so-called “free-range” farms to have access to outdoor areas, it doesn’t specify how much time they must be allowed to spend outside or how much space they should be given. 

Circle C Farm does not cage any of our animals, they are truly pasture raise  with plenty of pasture and water. We offer tours, which keeps the consumer in the know as to how the animals are raised.

Animals on organic and “free-range” farms often endure cruel mutilations—such as debeaking, dehorning, and castration without painkillers—as animals on conventional factory farms. Cattle, for example, generally have their horns cut off and their testicles cut out of their scrotums, and many are branded with searing-hot irons. Pigs on organic farms often have their tails cut off and their ears notched, and some have rings forced into their sensitive noses in order to prevent them from rooting in the grass and dirt, which is a favorite pastime of pigs. Chickens on organic egg farms usually have part of their sensitive beaks cut off, which causes them both acute and chronic pain.

Circle C Farm does not cut horns off cows or cut out scrotums nor do we  dock tails or notch pig ears, cut beaks on, or feather on any of our poultry.  That is truly inhumane and we are nothing like those farms.

 At the end of their miserable lives, these animals are typically shipped on trucks through all weather extremes—usually without food, water, or rest—to the same slaughterhouses used by factory farms. 

Circle C Farms is a USDA Abattoir. We do not ship our animals for harvest and we do not keep them from food and water prior to harvest. We are not a factory farm or a commodity meat farm. The animals are humanely raised and humanely harvested. 

The USDA “makes no claim that organically produced food is safer or more nutritious.



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