Pasture Raised Quail Eggs! Studies Show They Are Amazing!

Pasture Raised Quail Eggs! Studies Show They Are Amazing!
Circle C Farm Quail Eggs! 

1. They Improve Your Metabolism

A healthy metabolism can reduce digestive problems and help with weight loss. However, it can be very difficult to change our eating patterns or habits.

Just adding quail eggs to your diet can produce visible effects to the time your body takes to digest food and to the quality of your digestive process.

It is not easy to improve our metabolism but changing habits can be essential. A high metabolic activity helps burn calories faster, promoting weight loss. Quail eggs are rich in vitamin B, which is proven to speed up our metabolism.

2. They Promote Bone Strength

While the best-known nutrient for bone development is calcium, there are other factors to be considered. Amino acids, such as Lysine, can be essential for long-lasting bone strength, especially in children. Along with other essential nutrients, these are found in high quantities in quail eggs.

By adding this food to our diet, we are also filling our need for zinc and potassium. Through these properties, quail eggs are proven to reduce the risk of osteoporosis or bone weakening diseases.

3. Help to Speed Up Recovery

The presence of compounds in quail eggs such as minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins help speed up recovery.

These properties are proven to assist damaged cells in their regenerating process. Also, introducing quail eggs to your diet after a common illness such as the flu or a cold can be essential in a fast recovery.

The antioxidants in these eggs can be beneficial in curing small cuts or wounds. The compounds present in this food reduce free radicals and prevent infection.

4. They Are Beneficial To the Respiratory System

The increasing air pollution and the stress derived from a fast-paced life can lead to a respiratory system malfunction. A higher number of children and adults are suffering from asthma and bronchitis.

The antioxidants in quail eggs are an effective way to stabilize free radicals and avoid these conditions.

While moderate consumption will definitely give quicker results, this food is essential to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

5. They Help in Maintaining Regular Sugar Levels in The Blood

Our diets are often sugar and fat-based and this can create instability in the sugar levels in the blood. This can lead to difficulty in losing weight and more serious diseases of our digestive system.

Quail eggs have been found efficient in regulating the sugar levels in our blood due to their low glycemic index.

Studies suggest that introducing quail eggs, and their amino acids in the diet can help patients with diabetes to cope with the dysfunction.

6. They Can Help Relieve Depression

Quail eggs have been found to be rich in antidepressants. This can help fight anxiety and depression deriving from an unhealthy or stressful lifestyle.

The Hormone P, a compound present in high levels in quail eggs, have been shown to limit the effects of depression.

These properties are the most beneficial to fight menopausal syndrome in women and the stress that might be associated with it.

7. They Can Detox Our Bodies

Quail eggs have been found effective in eliminating toxins from our bodies. Due to the high levels of the antioxidant, quails eggs keep free radicals at bay.

Moreover, being over 60% water, this food can promote bowel movements and cleansing. When added to our regular diet moderately, the amino acids in the eggs can bind the toxins together. This facilitates their expulsion.

8. They Boost Concentration

Through their vitamins and nutrients, quail eggs have been found efficient to improve our cognitive functions. The vitamin A in this food provides a certain level of protection to our brain. Our neurological system, therefore, has a barrier against the damage caused by free radicals.

The antioxidants can also reduce the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia.

9. They Have Anti-Aging Properties

Premature aging has many causes, among which, the stress derived from a fast-paced life. However often this condition is worsened by the lack of essential nutrients and vitamins from our diet.

Antioxidants are the main compounds responsible to ensure this condition does not become more serious.

Luckily, through the nutrients present in quail eggs, this can be kept at bay. The antioxidants help in regenerating damaged cells and reducing signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

10. They Are Perfect for A Protein-Based Diet

While trying to follow a strict diet, many gym-goers limit their options to chicken eggs. However, quail eggs have 2% more protein than chickens’ and higher levels of vitamins and nutrients.

While these are usually eliminated during a workout through sweat, it is important to maintain a good balance.

Quail eggs have 80% more vitamin B than chicken eggs. This vitamin is responsible for keeping high levels of energy and maintaining focus. These are important factors during gym training.

11. They Can Improve Skin Health

Our skin can be subjected to many factors that could damage it. Weather and stress are only two of the many factors that can contribute to poor skin health.

However, through the nutrients and vitamins in quail eggs, it is easier to keep it moisturized and healthy. The antioxidants in the eggs can bring nourishment to damaged skin.

To create an efficient cream or skin mask just mix a quail egg with lemon juice and apply for 15 minutes.

While the positive effects of this natural lotion are proven to be visible right away, moderate and regular use is suggested to ensure your skin is moisturized and nourished.

12. They Can Treat Acne

Millions of people, especially teenagers, are affected by acne every year. This skin condition can be caused by hormonal dysfunction, stress, or more often, by toxins trapped in the skin pores.

A natural and homemade face mask can help to reduce the visible effects of acne and cleanse your skin from impurities.

The antioxidants in quail eggs reduce damage to the skin. Moreover, it can be efficient in reducing excess oil secretion, which is responsible for the spreading and persistence of acne.

13. They Make Your Nails Shine!

The beauty properties of quail eggs are not limited to skin cleansing. They are efficient in keeping your nails healthy and strong. Being a good source of fatty acids and proteins, quail eggs can reduce breakage and make your nails shine!

14. They Can Reduce Hair Loss

Introducing quail eggs in your diet regularly can not only reduce hair loss but promote its growth and health.

The nutrients in the quail eggs improve the blood circulation in the scalp. This brings fresh oxygen to our follicles which helps the hair grow stronger.

Moreover, quail eggs are rich in Sulphur, a moderate amount of which has been proven to prevent hair breakage and splitting.

15. They Can Help Control Dandruff

Dandruff can be an annoyance and a sign that your hair isn’t as healthy as you wish it to be. If not treated properly this condition can lead to more serious hair damage and sometimes loss.

However, there is no need to start medical treatment just yet!

Quail eggs provide all the nutrients you need for a homemade natural dandruff therapy that works!

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