What Inside Temperature Should Poultry Be Cooked To?

What Inside Temperature Should Poultry Be Cooked To?

The temperature poultry should be cooked at, is 165 degrees away from the bone. 

 Here is a breakdown, depending on what part of the chicken you are cooking.

Our pasture raised poultry eat the bugs and grubs in the pasture, as well as Organic human grade brown, Organic humane grade white rice from Florida, along with milo (natural grain) Dr. Gundry has talked about this grain as acceptable as far as we have read.  When cooking Circle C Farm Meats, it must be done at a low temperature, so the meat cooks slow. If you plan on grilling, keep the meat high and away from direct heat. You don't want the meat to cook too fast or it will dry out and be tough. If you bake, make sure to cover your meats and add fat and a liquid...broth..or your choice. For crisp skin, uncover 10 min before done.

We don't recommend insta pot, unless you put it on a slow roast or simmer cook and have cooked our meats in it before. Our meats are clean, so if you cook them too fast, they will come out dry or tough.  Nothing is wrong with the meat, it is the cooking temperature or how it was cooked. 

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