Circle C Farm Home Delivery Made Simple. Shop For Pasture Raised Meats From Your Computer, Phone or IPAD.

Circle C Farm Home Delivery Made Simple. Shop For Pasture Raised Meats From Your Computer, Phone or IPAD.

What you should know about while shopping our site.

Circle C Farm Home Delivery Made Simple. Shop For Pasture Raised Meats From Your Computer, Phone or IPAD.


I have histamine issues and allergies. What if my meats come in thawed?

 Our farm ships meats frozen and we get them to you refrigerator cold to frozen per USDA.We understand this may be the case. If you would prefer overnight, that is an option and that would require you to pay any amount above the standard shipping rate we charge per box, based on your state it is shipped to. 

Do you sell Dairy?


Do you sell live animals?


Do you process customers animals? 

No. Not at this time

Where do you process your animals and butcher them?

On our Farm. We have a USDA inspected processing plant and butcher shop. Our animals never leave our farm. 

Are your meats corn, soy free and gluten free?


Is your farm latex and PBA free?


Is your farm organic?

We “exceed" organic standards. The name Organic is a business to make money off farms who have to pay thousands of dollars a year to have that name stamped on packages. To be certified “organic”, farms only have to be 95% compliant to be organic and label as such. Circle C Farm is 100% pesticide and fertilizer free. Our animals provide everything for regeneration of the land.

What do you feed your chickens, ducks, hens and pigs?

Our pastured poultry, hens and pigs are fed organic white rice with some organic brown rice and sorghum, as well as all the grass, seeds, bugs and worms they find on the pasture.

What do you feed your cows and sheep?

100% Grass Fed and 100% grass finished. THAT’S IT!

Do you use antibiotics or steroids on any of your animals? 

NO! There is no need to.

What is the casing on your sausages?

All of our sausages are wrapped in hog casing. Hog casing is part of the pig intestine. It is safe for human consumption and does not need to be removed.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes we do. We deliver our meats, honeys, butters, ½ and whole cows and our world-famous eggs all over the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What are your shipping rates?

1-2 Day Ground from Farm, each box is a flat rate of $24.99
2 Day Air from Farm, each box is a flat rate of $44.99.
Each cooler box holds up to 20 lbs. of meat. 
Make the most of your 20 lbs per box for the week.
EGGS: Shipping is included in the cost of the eggs.
We are no longer offering an 18 count chicken egg.
We are now offering a 36 count duck Egg
Shipping Rates
$24.99 1-2 Day UPS Ground from the farm
$44.99 2 Day UPS Air from the farm (These States can not go ground, it would be too long in transit in a HOT UPS Trucks and the meats would come to you spoiled)

 This is how we ship. We do not use any other carrier other than UPS. 




What is the cutoff to receive orders each week?

For same week delivery, you must order by Tuesday 6 AM EST.

 Do you offer farm pickup?

No. We are a federally inspected USDA facility and closed to the public.

Do you offer tours?

Yes, we do offer tours in December, January, February, and March.

Do you ship with ice bags, ice or dry ice?

We ship with dry ice in 100% recyclable insulated silver coolers and must follow FAA guidelines regulating dry ice amounts for air deliveries. We will get your meats to your doorstep refrigerator cold to frozen.

What if I receive my box and all the dry ice is gone?

Dry ice can evaporate in transit. If the meat is refrigerator cold to frozen it is food safe and you can put it in the freezer.

How do I discard the dry ice?

Discard the dry ice by letting it dissipate in the sink or put it outside away from children and pets, so they do not touch it. Dry ice is (-78.5 degrees C). It will burn your hands, so carry by the plastic bag top or use a glove.

What happens if my package has a nick, is cut or has air in it?

Meats leave our farm completely cryovaced. Nicks may occur during transport by a bone in cut of meat or the dry ice rubbing up against it allowing air to come in. Items shift during transport. There is nothing wrong with the meat and the meat is safe for consumption. You can put it in an extra freezer bag and place it in the freezer.

I ordered the same meat and they are different colors. What happened?

We don’t color, dye, provide food to the animals that dye the meat, bleach or gas our meats.  Animals meat color will be different based on what the animal is eating more or less of. At Circle C Farm, all the animals grow naturally on pasture 24/7/365. Another reason for the color difference may happen when the meat is cryovaced. Air may get in the bag and darken the meat. There is nothing wrong with the meat. Brown meat is not bad meat!

My meat defrosted in the refrigerator and juice leaked all over my refrigerator. Is it bad?

No. Meat has natural juices and a pin hole may happen. Always put your frozen meats on a plate or in a bowl when defrosting in the refrigerator.

What if I decide I want to cancel my order?

You must Call 239-776-9054. If an order has been packed and is on the pallet for UPS pick up, there is no refund. We will not refund your package if it is in transit. We do not refund orders on Mondays or Tuesdays. Those orders are in progress and we will not stop the shipping process and delay other orders.

Do you guarantee delivery with UPS within a certain amount of days?

No. We are at the mercy of UPS. There is no need to call UPS, they will only tell you what you already know from your tracking. They read from the same tracking screen you are looking at. Email us or call us. We handle all claims associated with UPS.  We do not refund any shipping costs, as we have to incur shipping costs and re-ship meats if need be.

Do you ship to a P.O. Box?

No. If you place a physical address to a UPS center and it is shipped and denied, we will not refund or re-ship your order. If your order goes out with the wrong address, you are responsible for all costs associated with the re-shipment of products, including shipping costs.  We will not refund your order. We will re-ship at your expense.

Can I make changes to my purchase after I have already ordered? No. Once an order has processed, no additions or deletions can be made. This causes confusion and possibly shipping mistakes. You can place a new order or you can wait to place a future order.

How Do I Cancel My Order? You must email and call us. If your order has shipped, there is no refund. Email: or Phone: 239-776-9054

How do I get on the Pasture Points Reward Program? Click on the red tab at the bottom left of the page that says Rewards.  If you are shopping by phone, click on the little red purse. 

Do you take orders over the phone? We prefer you use our website, but we do phone orders on a selective basis.  

How do you butcher, package and send the meat? Our meats are harvested, butchered and cryovaced in approximately 1 lb. packages and flash frozen. Your meats arrive refrigerator cold to frozen, in a 100% recyclable silver cooler, with dry ice. 

Can I specify how I want my meat packaged or thickness? NoWe are a small but mighty team so we do not specialty butcher.

If the product is SOLD OUT, how can I get ALERTS? Use the Notify Button by clicking on the picture of the product, clicking notify and getting either a text or email alert.

How long will it take for my meats to arrive?  We ship Monday and Tuesday of each week. Florida usually is 1 day, all others States are 2-3 days. We ship VIA UPS (we do not and will not use any other carrier).

When do I get a tracking number? When we create the label you will receive and email. Then UPS scans your order at the HUB to show transit updated status. UPS scans your box either late at night or very early AM, so be patient. There may also be a problem with our software app and your email address. 

UPS Hasn't Sent My Tracking Number? Check junk mail or spam or email us at

I Didn't Get My Package? Call immediately 239-776-9054 or email us:

What if there is a problem with my order? Take pictures of the meat and all 4 sides of the box. Throw what you can in the freezer. E-mail us or call us immediately. If you wait more than 24 hrs after delivery via UPS, it is difficult to help, since it has been in your possession. We take no responsibility after it has been in your possession for more than 24hrs. But, do give us a call, in case we can help or answer questions.

When does the meat expire? We encourage you to eat the meats within 6-8 months, a year max.

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