Why Cultivated Meats Aren't the Solution

Why Cultivated Meats Aren't the Solution


The rise of lab-grown, or 'cultivated', meats has been hailed by some as a solution to the environmental and ethical issues associated with conventional meat production. But is this really the case?


Cultivated meats lack the complexity and nutritional profile of real, pasture-raised meats. They can't replicate the unique flavors and textures that come from animals raised on diverse pastures, nor do they support rural economies or traditional farming practices.


Furthermore, the production of cultivated meats is energy-intensive and depends on the use of growth media, often derived from animals. This raises questions about their sustainability and ethics.


Instead of looking to lab-grown alternatives, we encourage you to choose high-quality, pasture-raised meats, like those produced at Circle C Farm. By doing so, you're supporting sustainable farming practices, rural communities, and your own health.

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