Please read through the PROCESS below, it will tell you all of the steps needed to make it as easy as possible for you to SHOP and ADD TO CART anything that you'd like to get delivered.

AVE MARIA Community Code is AVE

You ONLY need the code for your meat orders. 

The eggs that are in your Community Page do not need the code.

You will enter that just before check out, so that the shipping cost is adjusted accordingly for the Community Delivery Club and NOT shipping via UPS

You can order anything that you want on the entire website :)

The Eggs are priced differently for you, because we are delivering them to you, so if you want EGGS, please select from the egg options in this Community Delivery Club Collection and NOT the ones under the Shipping / Unwashed section. 

Your eggs will come in the quantities offered and they will be washed.


Set Up Your Account, making sure to Join the Pasture Points Read Program.

Place Order on website, then meet us at the Pick Up Location


Bi-Weekly on Tuesdays

Pick Up at Amanda's House

Pick Up Time: 4-5 PM EST.

Amanda Morin's House Driveway 4548 Lamaida Lane, Ave Maria, FL

All Meats will come frozen and with dry ice to ensure food safety temps between the Farm and you. Eggs & all other items will come with your meat order in your box with your name on it.


Follow these Steps to Set Up Your Account on Our Website – Name, Email, Address, Phone, etc.

Even though we are doing the community delivery, your address will still be needed for account setup and your email for confirmation emails / communications.

1. Account Setup & Ordering

On a Desktop:Click on the Red Oval “Pasture Points VIP Club” Button
(typically bottom right on your screen)

On a Mobile Phone or Tablet:   Click on the Red Circle with a Gift Box and Bow on it – No words
(typically bottom left on your screen)

  • Follow through these steps and add in your information as needed/requested
  • We DO NOT sell any info, this is for our Farm and You use ONLY 😊


Look through the website and Add to Your Cart whatever makes you smile and makes your tummy excited 😊 Oh, so many choices!


Go to your cart and after you have auto filled or typed in your address information, you are going to see “Shipping Method Box” – depending on the total weight in your cart.

You are going to see a shipping cost of $24.99 or more, depending on the total weight ordered, show up.

Below your list of products in your cart is a box that is titled: “Gift Card OR Discount Code”

LOOK for that box that says … “Gift Card OR Discount Code”
In the box, Enter Ave Maria’s Code: AVE (no spaces)

Example for Check Out:

4. Then you will choose your Payment Method

5. Confirm Billing Address

6. Save Your Info for faster check out for our next order – if you have not already done this or set up your account.

7. “Pay Now” and you are are DONE! 😊

8. You will get your confirmation by email and that will have your Name & Order Number on it.

Your Order for your “Cooler of Love” will be printed, processed and gotten ready for the NEXT Community Club Date that is scheduled.

You can order ANY time that is convenient for you before we deliver.

ORDER DEADLINE is 7 AM on your day of the delivery for that SAME Week. Deliveries are every other week.

So, if the Delivery is next week, then put your order in anytime.

If you need to add to it between now and your delivery day, just put in another order, follow same process.  We will combine them at the time of delivery you will get all your meats / eggs together.  

All Meats will come frozen and with dry ice to ensure food safety temps between the Farm and you.

If the delivery is the same week that you are ordering for, then the orders will need to be in by 7 AM on your day of the delivery for that SAME week, so we have enough time to prepare your order for delivery.


– We will need your Name and Order Number – Electronic is fine / screen shot, print if you’d like, but that is not necessary (no need to waste the paper, unless it is part of your personal paperwork process) 😊

We will see you at the Delivery / PU Location with your order.

Confirm you/your Name and Order number

Then off you go to have oodles of fun in your kitchen, on your grill, with awesome treats and flavors from our Circle C Farm.

Thank you for being part of the Circle C Farm Community Club Family!

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