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Taste The Goodness, Feel The Difference.
Taste The Goodness, Feel The Difference.

Cassava Bread, Yucca or Yuca Bread

$ 7.89
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SO, you thought that just because you were following Dr. Gundry's The Plant Paradox you could not have bread... WELL, that is just NOT the case... here is Yuca Bread aka: Cassava Bread.

Cassava Bread is Non GMO, Wheat and Gluten Free Bread, Corn Free, Soy Free, it is made from yucca pulp. 

AND it has an amazing crunch!

So what does it taste like, well... it is not jumping with flavor, it is actually a toast like structure and has a mild taste, so you can eat it with anything!!! 

How we eat it...

In our stew like a toast or bread for scooping, toast it with olive oil or put some of the amazing French and French Style Butters that we have on it and or just chomp down on it and snack on it plain.

If you are looking for a crunch, this is it!

3 Slices per package, 11 Oz package